b'Drawer TraysMEDICAL CARTS8-Divider Tray for 3"H Drawer with 6-Divider Tray 14 ampule holdersfor 3"H Drawer and 2 rails with 2 rails16-Divider Tray6-Divider Tray for for 3"H Drawer6"H, 9"H, or 12"H with 3 rails drawer with 2 railsCART ACCESSORIESSEL STD WIDE3"H Full Drawer5"H Full DrawerFull Drawer TraysFully contained tray 2 516 "H, FITS 3"H DRAWERTray Kit Tray Kit makes moving contents from drawer to drawer quick and easy. Movable rails and dividers#9385026-DIVIDER TRAYEAallow for multiple storage configurations for up to#9385008-DIVIDER TRAYEASEL STD WIDE 20 compartments. Fits 3"H, 6"H, 9"H, or 12"H#93850316-DIVIDER TRAYEADrawer Tray Kits feature movable longDrawers. 8-Divider Tray includes ampule holders.5 516 "H, FITS 6"H, 9"H, OR 12"H DRAWERand short dividers to create various-sized2112"W x 1512"D6-Divider Trays: 2 rails8-Divider Tray:#9385046-DIVIDER TRAYEAcompartments. Full Drawer Tray Kit includes two14 ampule holders, 2 rails16-Divider Tray: 3 rails Compatible with Wide Series, but traystrays for side-by-side storage and dividers. Alsomay not fully fit drawer width. sold as individual components. Fits 3"H, 6"H, or 9"H Drawers. WIDE MINI1612"W x 11"DEach kit contains 2 trays3"H Kit: 4Full Drawer Trays for Mini Serieslong dividers, 8 short dividers5"H Kit: 2 long dividers,Fully contained tray makes moving contents 4 short dividers8"H Kit: 1 long divider, 1 short divider from drawer to drawer quick and easy. Movable5-Divider Tray 3"H, FITS 3"H DRAWER with 2 railsrails and dividers allow for multiple storage #935970FULL DRAWER TRAY KITKIT configurations for up to 8 compartments. Use two #938508TRAY ONLY EA trays side by side for a Wide Series Cart. Fits 3"H #938509LONG DIVIDER ONLYEA drawers. 4-Divider Tray includes ampule holders.#938510SHORT DIVIDER ONLYEA 14"W x 2 516 "H x 16"D4-Divider Tray: 10 ampule holders,5"H, FITS 6"H DRAWER 2 rails5-Divider Tray: 2 rails 4-Divider Tray with10 ampule holders #935971FULL DRAWER TRAY KITKIT #9365384-DIVIDER TRAYEA and 2 rails#938511TRAY ONLY EA #938501 5-DIVIDER TRAYEA#938512LONG DIVIDER ONLY EAFAX800.437.2966#938513SHORT DIVIDER ONLYEA SEL STD WIDE 8"H, FITS 9"H DRAWER#938515FULL DRAWER TRAY KITKIT Full Drawer Trays with Clear Lid and #938514TRAY ONLY EA Locks keep contents safe and secure. Optional Divider Set allows for compartmental storage. Additional Plastic Seals sold separately below. Fits 3"H drawers. AliMed.com 877.357.144422"W x 234"H x 16"D #938481DRAWER TRAYEA Drawer Tray with #938482OPTIONAL DIVIDER SETSET Optional Divider Set#936530PLASTIC SEAL100/PKCompatible with Wide Series, but trays may not fully fitDrawer Tray onlydrawer width.SEL STD WIDE MINISEL STD Non-Expandable TraysAvailable in two Expandable Trays fit multiple drawerwidths for use individually for smaller items or widths and feature up to 8 storageinterlock multiple trays for larger storage capacity.compartments when fully expanded.2"H x 15 38 "D1314"- 2114"W x 214"H x 16"D #9393313"W EA#936541EXPANDABLE TRAY EA #9393306"W EALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 23'