b'AliMed Medical Cart AccessoriesSide-Mounted StorageMEDICAL CARTS2-Scope Holder shownSEL STD WIDE SEL STD WIDEAdjustable Storage Trays include threeFluid/Equipment Storage SystemsScope Holders protect and secure scopes. CART ACCESSORIES side-mounted adjustable trays for additionalinclude three side-mounted adjustable traysMount on a cart or wall. Strong steel storage capacity. for additional storage capacity. Fits carts with 24"construction with full-view door and key lock. #938435ADJUSTABLE STORAGE TRAYEA or 30" of vertical space.Choose 2- or 4-Scope Holder. Tray: 18 38 "W x 4"H x 412"D 48"H x 6"D2-Scope Holder: 9"W4-Scope Holder: 16"W #938491FOR 24"EA #9364312-SCOPE HOLDEREA#938492FOR 30"EA #9364324-SCOPE HOLDEREAShown closedSTD WIDE SEL STD MINI SEL STD WIDESide Cabinets with Key Lock andCollapsible Side Shelves add additionalSuction Unit Holders securely store Waste Container add convenient storageworkspace and easily fold down when not portable unit, canister, and tubing on sideand disposal space to your cart. Features top pull- in use. of cart.down waste container and locking double doors. 14 78 "W x 1734"D 19"W x 10"H x 734"D18"W x 30"H x 7"D#935975COLLAPSIBLE SIDE SHELFEA #935976SUCTION UNIT HOLDEREAFAX800.437.2966 #936433SIDE CABINETEA877.357.1444AliMed.comBack Short, Short,Solid Front Clear FrontSEL SEL STD WIDE Long, Long,Side Solid Front Clear FrontAccessory Panels affix to Side or Back ofCatheter Holders LONG, 28"Hcart to mount additional accessories.protect and secure catheters. Available in Long or#938471SOLID FRONT, 8"WEA#938436SIDE PANEL2/PK Short models with choice of#938472CLEAR FRONT, 4"WEA#938437BACK PANELEA Solid Front or Clear Front for SHORT, 19"H easy viewing of inventory. #938474SOLID FRONT, 8"WEA4"DBeige finish #938475CLEAR FRONT, 4"WEA24 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'