b'MINI Emergency SeriesMEDICAL CARTS3" Shown with 3" accessories, sold 3" 3" 3" separately, 3" 3" pp. 22-273" 3"6" 6" 6" 3"6"9" 9"9" 6"9"EMERGENCY CARTSA. 4-Drawer Cart B. 4-Drawer Tower C. 5-Drawer Tower D. 6-Drawer Tower # OFVERTICAL DRAWERSDRAWER SPACEDIMENSIONSITEM #QTY MINI CARTA. 421"18"W x 311 2 "H x 18"D#938382*EA MINI TOWERB. 421"241 2 "W x 341 2 "H x 241 2 "D#938383EAC. 524"241 2 "W x 373 4 "H x 243 4 "D#938384EAD. 630"241 2 "W x 433 4 "H x 243 4 "D#938630EA*Available in Solid Beige only or two-tone beige frame with choice of drawer color, visit AliMed.com for options. For Mini Towers, specify color, visit AliMed.com for options. Additional shipping charges may apply.NEW! Crash Cart with Drawer Refill KitsPre-stocked with all the emergency supplies you need for easier organization and simplified purchasing!Loaded 6-Drawer Emergency Crash Cart FAX800.437.2966with Refill Kits Hospital-grade cart includes five fully stocked drawers containing all the emergency medical equipment and supplies needed for a range of Adult and Pediatric patient care scenarios. Each drawer kit is standardized #960991 Adultfor easy organization and simplified purchasing Intubation Kit with supplies for Adult Intubation, PediatricAliMed.com 877.357.1444Intubation, IV Start, IV Supplies/Tubing, and Additional Supplies. Kits are also sold separately as a Set of Five or Individually to restock any cart as needed. Compatible with AliMed Medical Carts. Visit AliMed.com for complete kit details.#960992 Pediatric#960994 IV Supplies/ Cart: 31"W x 431/2"H x 24"DBreakaway lock4 casters Intubation Kit Tubing KitPush handle CRASH CART#960989CRASH CART w/5 REFILL KITSSET#960990DRAWER REFILL KIT SET (1 OF EA)5/SET INDIVIDUAL DRAWER REFILL KIT#960991ADULT INTUBATION KITEA #960994IV SUPPLIES/TUBING KITEA #960993 IV Start Kit #960995 Additional#960992PEDIATRIC INTUBATION KITEA #960995ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES KITEASupplies Kit #960993IV START KITEA Additional shipping charges may apply.LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 9'