b'AliMed Medical Cart AccessoriesMEDICAL CARTSSEL STD WIDE SEL STD WIDE MINIBreakaway Lock Plastic Seals allow for Waste Containersquick lock removal on Emergency Carts and available with No Lid orlockable Drawer Trays. with Touch Top Lid to helpFor Standard/Wide/For Select Series #936530BREAKAWAY LOCK PLASTIC SEAL100/PKreduce cross-contamination.Mini Series28-qt. capacityNo Lid: 15"W x 10"H x 14"DTouch TopSEL STD WIDE MINICART ACCESSORIESLid: 1534"W x 13"H x 11"DSharps Brackets are adjustable for various #936531NO LID EA size containers. Sharps container not #936544TOUCH TOP LIDEA included.Standard/Wide/Mini Carts require Accessory Bar#936535SELECT SERIESEABracket #935963, sold at far right. #935974STANDARD/WIDE/MINI SERIESEAOutlet Strip STD WIDE MINIAccessory Bar Brackets are required for mounting certain accessories. See individual accessories for requirement details.Bracket for1834"W x 1"H x 14"DOutlet Strip#935963 EACord Wrap BracketSEL STD WIDE MINISEL STD WIDE MINI Twin Poly Push Handles with ergonomic Outlet Strips and Cord Wraps keepgrips allow for better cart control and easier outlet strips and cords secure and off themaneuvering.FAX800.437.2966floor for staff and patient safety. Outlet Strip #939329SELECT SERIES2/SET SEL STD WIDE MINIwith 15\'L cord mounts to cart with Bracket (sold#938543STANDARD/WIDE/MINI SERIES2/SET Utility Hooks for hanging accessories, separately). Cord Wrap Bracket also soldpersonal items, and more. separately.#936536UTILITY HOOK EA #938456OUTLET STRIP, SELECTEA #935973OUTLET STRIP, STD./WIDE/MINIEAAliMed.com 877.357.1444#938465BRACKET FOR OUTLET STRIPEA#938476CORD WRAP BRACKET EASEL STD WIDE SEL STD MINITubular Rails wrap around sides and backSTDTape Dispensersof cart to keep items on top of cart during for Trellis Systemtransport. Heavy-Duty Railings wrap around sides holds various tape rolls forSelect/Standard Series: 2834"W x 3 7 / 8 "H x 18"DMiniand back of cart to keep items on top of cart easy dispensing.Series: 21"W x 1512"H x 1712"D during transport.1312"W x 214"H x 3 78 "D #938533SELECT/STANDARD SERIESEA 2712"W x 5 18 "H x 1534"D#936546TAPE DISPENSEREA #936543MINI SERIESEA #936435HEAVY-DUTY RAILINGEALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 27'