b'Patient PositionersVinyl-Covered Foam PositionersDurable and economicalAntibacterial withwater-resistant seams Pelvic Wedges are recommended for ultrasound or procedures that require U-ShapedOur reusable Radiolucent Blue Vinyl andadditional pelvic tilt. Available in three models: Conductive Black Vinyl Foam Positioners areU-Shaped Wedge features a perineal cutout for Standardeasy to clean and feature water-resistant seamsimproved access to pelvic area, with 3"H Super strategically located on positioner edges to limitConstructa Foam base and 1"-thick T-Foam top artifact interference. Conductive models also helplayer for enhanced pressure protection; Standard minimize static buildup.Wedge is medium-density Polyfoam without cutout; and high-density High Wedge has 9" ofHigh WedgePolyfoam for highest hip lift.U-Shaped Wedge: 20"W x 20"L x 4"HStandard Wedge: 20"W x 20"L x 6"HHigh Wedge: 18"W x 20"L x 9"H#91-142U-SHAPED WEDGE, BLUE VINYL#91-348STANDARD WEDGE, BLUE VINYL#930774HIGH WEDGE, BLACK VINYLEasy to clean Water-resistant seamsRadiolucent Flame-retardantAP Upright Positioners facilitate erect chest imaging. Especially effective forUpright stretcher patients who cannot support themselves in anchest imagingupright position. Wedge places the body erect, reducing lordotic projections.17"W x 24"L x 10" thick, tapers to 6" thickAntifungal and#9-032BLUE VINYLantibacterialStandard Tall DeluxeShown in Blue Vinyl Shown in Protecta-Coat Shown in Black VinylRecommended for average-height patients. Blue3" of additional height offers more support forElongated shape offers firm support from the and Black Vinyl models have handles on bothtaller patients or where an increased angle isupper thigh to mid-calf during longer procedures, sides for quick positioning and removal.needed, allowing the curve of the back to flatten morewith the same graduated angle on both sides of peak. 21"W x 7 14 "H x 12 12 "Deffectively. Blue and Black Vinyl models have handlesWide model available in Protecta-Coat only.on both sides for quick positioning and removal. 7 12 "H x 24"DDeluxe: 16"WWide: 20"W#91-141BLUE VINYL#930914BLACK VINYL 21"W x 10"H x 12 12 "D#9-235BLACK VINYL#937334PROTECTA-COAT #930775BLUE VINYL #937339PROTECTA-COAT#930915BLACK VINYL #937333PROTECTA-COAT, WIDE#937335PROTECTA-COATcustomerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/medical-imaging 3'