b'Probe Covers and CleanersProbe CoversB. Telescopically Folded, 36"L Extended-Length CIV-Flex Probe Covers offeraddit ional sterile protection when perfor ming puncture and drainage procedures. 8385LY offers three-dimensional box end. Both 3 14 "W size available for largermodels include sterile Aquasonic 3D/4D transducers 100 gel packet and colored elastic bands. Not made with natural rubber latex. C. Telescopically Folded A. Eclipse Probe CoversSoft covers are pre-gelled inside with Aquasonic 100Surgi-Boot Intraoperative Ultrasound Transmission Gel. Non-irritating and non-sensitizing. 3 14 "W size availableTransducer Covers are easy to for larger 3D/4D transducers. Nonsterile. Not made with natural rubber latex. apply and provide up to 8\' of sterile protection. Attached form-fitting INDIVIDUALLYNeoGuard tip provides a snug fitW x LSTERILEPOUCHEDQTYITEM # to smaller footprint transducers.A.ECLIPSE PROBE COVER Includes sterile Aquasonic 100 gel 21 2 " x 91 2 "NoNo100/cs #936074 packet, probe clips, and colored 31 4 " x 91 2 "NoNo100/cs #936787 elastic bands. Not made with 31 4 " x 91 2 "NoNo600/cs#93678706 natural rubber latex. B.TELESCOPICALLY FOLDED, 36"L EXTENDED-LENGTH CIV-FLEX PROBE COVER1 D. Bi-Directional Probe 3 2 " x 36"YesYes24/cs#8385JC Covers include a 3" debris shield. 51 2 " x 36"YesYes24/cs#8385LY Rolled, non-lubricated, and taperedC.TELESCOPICALLY FOLDED SURGI-BOOT INTRAOPERATIVE TRANSDUCER COVER with a rounded end. Sterile version 6" x 96"YesYes12/cs#921832 is individually packaged with one elastic. Not made with naturalD.BI-DIRECTIONAL PROBE COVER rubber latex. 1" x 8"YesYes20/cs#9213381" x 8" NoNo40/cs#921337More Probe Covers at AliMed.com/ultrasound-coversProbe CleanersMEDICAL SOLUTIONS EndocavityProtex Spray and Transducer SoakingUltra WipesEPA-CupsComplete kitapproved, alcohol-free, contains a 5"W x 12"Hone-step spray effectively high-density polyethylenekills a wide range of cup, two contouredbacteria, viruses, and funnels for smaller andfungi, including MRSA, larger transducers, lid,HIV, Staph, and many and mounting hardware.others. Useful in Soaking cup holds updisinfecting hard, to 120 oz. andnonporous surfaces as accommodates two well as sensitive equipment. Protex Ultra, also endoc avity transducersavailable in soft, nonabrasive wipes, has a reduced kill measuring up to time of only 4 minutes.Transeptic Cleaning SolutionsMultipurpose 22.9 cm L (9"L). spray for cleaning ultrasound transducer/probeSPRAY (STANDARD PROTEX) surfaces between procedures. Does not contain 10"W x 12"H x 6"DFunnel for smaller transducer: #93652932-oz TRIGGER SPRAY, 6/bx phenol or glutaraldehyde. Will not cause transducer 2.2 cm W (0.88"), White; larger transducer: 2.7 cm W#9367851212-oz PUMP SPRAY, 12/bx membrane swelling. 250-ml pump bottle. 12/bx.(1.08"), BlueGlutaraldehyde cold-chemicaldisinfecting/sterilizing solutions recommendedWIPES (PROTEX ULTRA) #920198TRANSEPTIC CLEANING SOLUTION Kit contains mounting hardware3.5 lbs . #93793106SOFTPACK WIPES, 60/pk, 6 pk/bx#921413SOAKING CUP KIT #93793112SOFTPACK WIPES, 60/pk, 12 pk/bx#921414REPL. KIT (CUP, LID, 3 SM. FUNNELS, #713537CANISTER, 100/canister3 LG. FUNNELS)#921190TABLETOP MOUNTING KIT6 AliMed.com/medical-imaging 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'