b'Patient PositionersProtecta-Coat PositionersMaximize infection controlAntimicrobial, fluid-proof, and seamless Perineal Wedges offer premium Featuring a protective vinyl-bonded coating,comfort and pressure-relieving Protecta-Coat Positioners are seamless,support while elevating the hips to allow impervious to fluids, and embedded with ionicgreater access for staff during pelvic silver to help reduce artifacts while controlling theexaminations. Unlike other products on the market, these wedges feature a firm growth of odor-causing bacteria for the life of the3"H Super Constructa Foam base and positioner. Easy to clean for long-lasting durability.1"-thick top layer of T-Foam with perineal Radiolucent above 60 kVp.* cutout to allow pressure to be redistributed over a greater surface area without bottoming out. 20"W x 20"L x 4"H#937911PERINEAL WEDGEEasy to clean Imperviousto fluidsRadiolucent Contains ionic silver 45 Wedges provide the proper angle for cervical and spine imaging, as well as AP oblique pelvis projection, breast ultrasound, paracentesis, and other lateral, lower body positioning. 7"W x 7"HFlame-retardant #924952REGULAR, 24"L#937338LONG, 30"L*Procedures at less than 60 kVp may produce slightly visible lines on edges of Protecta-Coat Positioners. Always position the patient so that the edge of the block will not be in the image field of concern. When tested at low attenuation of 80 kVp, results indicate an aluminum equivalency of 1%. Knee Bolsters are shaped to fit under the knees and legs at just the right angle to alleviate pressure on the back in supine. Ideal for use in MRI, CT, and to maintain patient comfort during procedures. Protecta-Coat models feature a seamless, fluid-proof vinyl coating embedded with antimicrobial ionic silver to help reduce artifiacts while controlling odor-causing bacteria for the life of the positioner. Available in Standard, Tall, or Deluxe models, see next page.More Protecta-Coat and Vinyl-Covered Positioners at AliMed.com/positionersStandard, shown in Protecta-Coat 2 AliMed.com/medical-imaging 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'