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Patient Transfer Aids

Patient transfer with reduced strain and less patient risk with premium patient transfer boards, patient boosters, patient turners and transfer belts.
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Air Assisted Transfer Mat
  • Supports patient in a horizontal position
  • Cushions patient during positioning and transfers
  • Extra-long handles

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AliMed® Lift-Easy Transfer Belt
  • Superior design makes lifting easier
  • Hook-and-loop closures simplify use

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AliMed® Maple Transfer Board
  • Stress-tested to 300 lbs.
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AliMed® No-Lift BOOSTER™

  • Boost patient without lifting
  • Eases caregiver back strain

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AliMed® No-Lift TURNER™
  • No patient or resident lifting and less back strain!
  • Provides valuable assistance in turning a resident

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AliMed® Patient Handler
  • Strong, durable rubber
  • Safe and secure patient transfer that is less stressful on the attendant's back
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SafetySure™ Pivot Disc
  • Designed for use by patients who can stand but cannot readily move their legs
  • Recommended that the practitioner use a SafetySure Transfer Belt or Sling to provide additional support
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SafetySure™ SuperSlide
  • Upholstered mobility sheet attached underneath
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SafetySure™ Transfer Belt
  • Used to assist patients with standing, sitting, and other activities
  • Numerous handgrips and an anti-slip surface reduce the risk of the belt slipping
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SafetySure™ Transfer Board
  • Bridge the gap between two transfer points
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HeelLift Glide Suspension Boot

Hapad Foot Protection

Smart Caregiver. Quiet, Safe Fall Prevention

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