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    Hospital-Wide Furnishings & Supplies

    Outfit your facility from the O.R. to the E.R.

  • Better positioning for the post-op hip

    AliHip™ Cushions maintain proper hip angle while gently sloping to facilitate forward leaning, maximize sitting tolerance, and move more freely in armchairs or wheelchairs.

  • Safe Patient Handling
    Protect your staff and patients
  • ULTRApadded™ Contracture Braces

    Static progressive stretch gradually increases range of motion. Padded cover absorbs moisture to help prevent skin maceration. Foam-covered, bendable spine for quick, tool-free adjustments.

  • The Complete Fall Management Solution

    AliMed’s complete line of Fall Management Solutions is specifically designed to minimize falls, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall patient safety—all day, every day.

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