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Wheelchair Supports

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AliMed® Jumbo Padded Lap Tray
  • Thick foam padding to provide comfort and protection
  • Attaches to armrests and wheelchair back
  • Naugahyde® upholstery
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AliMed® Lumbar Wheelchair Support
  • Fits sling-back wheelchair
  • Anatomically-preferred support and stability
  • Choose straight or curved back
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AliMed® Padded Head Support
  • Fully adjustable lateral supports
  • Attach securely with hook-and-loop for custom placement
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AliMed® Wheelchair Side Supports
  • Instantly reduce a standard 18"W seat to a narrow 16"W seat
  • Optimize hip positioning
  • Prevent side-leaning

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Arm and Tray Lateral Stabilizer
  • Offers more than simple bolster support. It features a trough for improved arm positioning and stability
  • Foam padded for comfort
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Posey® Deluxe Lateral Arm Support
  • Prevents lateral leaning
  • Provides a comfortable, convenient armrest to facilitate arm use and rehabilitation
  • Plush, padded foam covered with soft, water-resistant vinyl
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Posey® Foot Hugger
  • Combination elevated footrest/leg rest
  • Provides proper positioning and increased comfort
  • Helps prevent footdrop
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Posey® Lateral Wheelchair Stabilizers
  • Effective and affordable wheelchair stabilizers
  • Flattened arm rest top surface offers comfortable, stable arm positioning when seated in wheelchair
  • Secure fit prevents "rolling" of the stabilizer on the wheelchair armrest
  • Blue
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Posey® Wheelchair Side Supports
  • Provide bilateral upper torso support
  • Can customize a standard wheelchair to accommodate petite residents
  • Attaches easily with adjustable hook-and-loop straps
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Posey® Wheelchair Wing Backs
  • Provide firm bilateral upper torso support
  • Manually adjust to accommodate patient's needs
  • Sturdy plywood core covered with comfortable foam padding for extra comfort
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HeelLift Glide Suspension Boot

Hapad Foot Protection

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