Wedge-Ease Ergonomic Supports

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  • Supports your wrists and forearms in a neutral position, allowing for a more comfortable working position with less fatigue
  • Non-slip base keeps Wedge-Ease from sliding on work surfaces
  • Highly resilient, soft foam core
  • Four different Wedge-Ease sizes meet most users’ needs
  • Wedge-Ease ESD is static dissipative and certified safe to use with ESD sensitive components and assemblies
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Wedge-Ease Ergonomic Support Wedges put wrists in a neutral position while reducing neck and back fatigue. Wedge-Ease wedges prevent contact stress from work surface edges. The correct use of Wedge-Ease Ergonomic Support Wedges may reduce the risk of RSI due to awkward postures. Wedge-Ease Wedges can be stacked for additional height. Cleanable vinyl with nonslip bases.

Rated Fed. Std. 209 and ISO14644 Clean Room Class 100
Wedge-Ease Mini Wedge Stackers: 3-1/2"W front, 5"W back x 5"Lx 1"H front and back
Wedge-Ease Regular Wedge Stackers:
3"W front, 5"W back x 10"L x 1"H front and back
Wedge-Ease 2" Wedges:
3"W front, 5"W back and 10"L x 2"H front, 1"H back
Wedge-Ease 3" Wedges: 3"W front, 5"W back x 10"L x 3"H front, 1"H back

ESD & Cleanroom Safe Wedge-Ease Ergonomic Forearm Supports: Wedge-Ease support for use in applications where the user's arms must maintain awkward and unsupported positions that can lead to discomfort or stress. Wedge-Ease ESD™ are designed to support wrists and forearms in a neutral posture, allowing for a comfortable working posture that may help reduce fatigue and discomfort. Wedge-Ease ESD™ is static dissipative and certified safe to use with ESD sensitive components and assemblies. Wedge-Ease ESD Wedges exceed Mil Std 1246C and Fed Std 209E for Class 10 Clean Room requirements.

The Wedge-Ease Difference:

Without Wedge-Ease ESD the manufacturing and inspection process leaves the worker hunched over with their wrists bent and forearms leaning on  the hard edge of the bench or work table, resulting in unsteady hands that are difficult to keep within the focal area of the microscope or other device.

With Wedge-Ease ESD the worker is able to sit upright with full chair support. The microscope is adjusted to naturally fit the worker's height with the worker's wrists fully supported, resulting in steady hands and a proper neutral posture of the worker's head, neck, back and arms.
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