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Feeding and Swallowing Disorders In Dementia
  • Informative manual draws on research performed by experts to highlight the feeding and swallowing difficulties of clients with dementia
  • Practical guide to offer potential strategies to manage these problems


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Swallowing Ability and Function Evaluation (SAFE)
  • A carefully standardized, efficient, and comprehensive way to evaluate swallowing
  • Provides a diagnosis or label of dysphagia to generate a treatment plan
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Swallowing Images™ Charts
  • Provide swallowing exercises and mirror all on one chart!
  • New additional exercises are available to help maximize client-family understanding, compliance with the treatment program
  • Available in English or Spanish

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Evaluation and Treatment of Swallowing Disorders by Jeri Logemann
  • Concise description of normal swallowing and the procedures for bedside/clinical and radiographic evaluation of oropharyngeal swallowing programs
  • Accompanied by illustrations of the radiographic view
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Clinical Management of Swallowing Disorders, Third Edition
  • Day-to-day reference source allows rapid access to information on all aspects of swallowing disorders
  • Covers incidence, anatomy and physiology, etiology, diagnosis, and nutrition
  • Reveals the latest advances in dysphagia diagnosis and management, discusses the basic treatment techniques for improving swallowing safety
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Comprehensive Management of Swallowing Disorders
  • Focuses on anatomy and physiology fo the swallow
  • Well-known authors brought together to share their perspectives
  • Helpful appendices and index included
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Dining Out: A Guide for the Adult with Swallowing Problems
  • Assist in choosing restaurants and menu items
  • Help maintain one of life's normal experiences
  • Encourage dining out as a social experience
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Feeding And Swallowing Disorders In Infancy
  • A problem-oriented approach to infant feeding issues
  •  Includes information on sucking, swallowing, and breathing to aid in evaluation and treatment
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Feeding Individuals with Swallowing Disorders
  • Designed to help those caregivers who routinely feed clients
  • Provides learning tips to improve the feeding experience
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Management of Speech and Swallowing in Degenerative Diseases, 3rd Ed.
  • Covers the etiology, assessment and management of different degenerative diseases – ALS, Parkinson's, Huntington's and Multiple Sclerosis
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