Pediatric Speech Therapy

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  • Animal Travel Kit Animal Travel Kit
    • Increase children's willingness to participate in therapy
    • Various shapes and textures provide different sensations within the oral cavity
    • Includes long-lasting battery
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  • Apraxia Uncovered Apraxia Uncovered
    • Innovative, comprehensive treatment program for all consonants and vowels
    • Book describes the seven stages of sound acquisition so they can be applied immediately to therapy
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  • ARK Grabbers ARK Grabbers
    • Encourages jaw movement, tongue movement, and oral exploration
    • Manageable size and simple shape—perfect for children
    • Smooth outside texture, spongy consistency
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  • ARK Hard Animal Tips ARK Hard Animal Tips
    • Made with hard, medical-grade materials
    • Fit DnZ-Vibe and Z-Grabber
    • Individual tips shaped like cat, mouse, and dog
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  • ARK Mini Tip ARK Mini Tip
    • Smaller version of the popular probe tip designed for use with very small mouths
    • Four sides configured with three differently textured surfaces—smooth, bumpy, and striated
    • Use to stimulate gums, palate, cheek, and tongue
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  • ARK Probe Tip ARK Probe Tip
    • A perfect size for young mouths
    • Four sides have three differently textured surfaces to produce various sensory results – smooth, bumpy, and striated
    • Use to apply vibrating deep pressure, to stroke sides of tongue, or as a stabilizing device
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  • ARK proPreefer ARK proPreefer
    • A new tool used for oral motor treatment and sensory input
    • Use to stimulate gums, palate and tongue
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  • ARK Z-Vibe ARK Z-Vibe
    • A pen-sized vibrator for oral motor stimulation and sensory input!
    • Waterproof and durable
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  • Becoming Verbal and Intelligible - Childhood Apraxia Becoming Verbal and Intelligible - Childhood Apraxia
    Becoming Verbal and Intelligible: A Functional Motor Programming Approach for Children with Developmental Verbal Apraxia - By Kathleen Dauer, Sandra Irwin and Sandra Schippits
    • Childhood apraxia of speech manual
    • 280 pages of reproducible picture stimuli organized by syllable structure, target sound, and type of transition

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  • Bite 'n Chew Tip Bite 'n Chew Tip
    • Promote a sustained bite
    • Help improve jaw strength and stability
    • Can be used outside mouth, on cheeks, or on lips
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  • Brush Tip Combo Brush Tip Combo
    • Includes two different brushes
    • Perfect for tactile and proprioceptive input to tongue, cheeks, palate, and lips
    • Harder brush can be used as a transition to eventual use of regular toothbrush
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  • Buddy Bear and Becca Bunny 5-Book Sets Buddy Bear and Becca Bunny 5-Book Sets
    • For children ages 3-7
    • Suitable for group or individual work
    • Simple sentences and repetitive story format help build language and early literacy skills
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89 Matches found