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Palumbo™ Stabilizer Brace

  • Palumbo's proven treatment aid for patellofemoral dysfunction
  • Premium neoprene support helps prevent patella dislocation, reduces chondromalacia and tendonitis, and provides compression and support
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Palumbo™ Stabilizer Brace Proven treatment aid for patellofemoral dysfunction.* Neoprene knee support helps prevent patella dislocation, reduces chondromalacia and tendonitis, and provides compression and support.

When The Palumbo Stabilizer Brace is used for patellofemorral dysfunction, the Palumbo Brace frequently brings permanent relief and prevents irreversible pathologic changes. Carefully tailored to ensure long and comfortable wear.

Palumbo Stabilzer Knee Brace Fits left or right leg ans is available in Blue or Beige.

Indications for brace use: Subluxation and dislocation of the patella, patellofemoral chondromalacia and arthritis, patellar and retinacular tendonitis, post-operative management (lateral release, transfer).

*P.M. Palumbo Jr.,M.D., "Dynamic Palumbo Patellar Brace: A New Orthosis in the Management of Patellofemoral Disorders: A Preliminary Report", The Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol.9 No.1

Suggested code: L1825.

Palumbo Stabilizer Brace Sizing: Measure circumference 3" above mid-patella and 3" below mid-patella.

Size Circ. 3" above Midpatella Circ. 3" below Midpatella
X-Small 10" to 11-3/4" 8-1/2" to 10"
Small 11-3/4" to 13-1/2" 10" to 11-1/2"
Small/Med 13-1/2" to 15" 11-1/2" to 13"
Medium 15-1/4" to 17" 13" to 14-1/2"
Med/Large 17" to 19" 14-1/2" to 16"
Large 19" to 21" 16" to 17-1/2"
X-Large 21" to 23-1/2" 17-1/2" to 19"
Palumbo™ Stabilizer Brace

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  • Especially for sports!
  • 3/16" thick neoprene
  • Shorter length to fit muscular legs
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Palumbo™ Patella Tracker
  • Floating lateral bracing pad maintains patellar position during flexion
  • Lateral elastic insert in patella strap repositions pad according to knee ROM
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Palumbo™ Knee Brace with Adjustable Thigh Flap
  • All the benefits of a patella-stabilizing brace with an adjustable thigh flap
  • Brace reduces patello-femoral chondromalacia and arthritis
  • For the elderly or arthritic patient who cannot pull a standard sleeve
  • For large thight/calf ratios
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Palumbo™ Universal Knee Brace with Lateral Uprights and Knee Joint
  • Increases varus/valgus support
  • Complies with athletic competition standards
  • Hyperextension stops as 0°
  • D-ring compression straps control migration
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Palumbo™ Universal Knee Brace with Buttress Pad
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  • Features sewn-in, horseshoe-shaped, rubber buttress pad
  • D-ring straps control migration
  • Neoprene. One piece. Not adjustable
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Palumbo™ Dynamic Ankle Stabilizer
  • A nylon-covered, zippered, neoprene anklet with adjustable valgus force strap
  • Provides warmth and compression
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AliMed® Easy-On Knee Brace
  • No cumbersome straps, easy overlap closure
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Increases ROM
  • Treat and reduce contractures
  • Assist post-op recovery

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AliMed® Knee Brace
  • Four-way stretch elastic sleeve with spiral stays provides gentle, breathable compression and lateral stabilization
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AliMed® Knee Brace with Multilock Polyamide Hinge
  • Prevents hyperextension of knee during everyday use or athletics
  • Adjustable hinge can be set to flex at varying degrees
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Mueller® Hg80 Knee Brace
  • Non-neoprene
  • Moisture wicking, breathable, and antimicrobial
  • Inner grip strips
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AliMed® Neoprene Knee Support with Open Patella
  • Provides compression for weak or overstressed knees
  • Open Patella relieves pressure on the patella and helps reduce pain
  • Keeps muscles and joints warm and limber.
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AliMed® Open Patella Brace
  • No seams to irritate sensitive skin
  • Breathable, four-way stretch elastic provides comfortable knee support
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