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Heels are one of the most common areas for developing pressure ulcers. Alimed understands how critical heel protection and management are and has developed solutions to help address heel pressure. Our effective solutions cover every budget from premium to value options. From Hard-Shell Wound Care & Contracture Boots to Soft, Protective Skin Sleeves & Pads, you are sure to find ways to protect even the most fragile heels while maintaining optimal positioning.
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More About AliMed Heel Protection Solutions

In addition to professional heel protection supplies, we also address footdrop prevention, compliance concerns and care and cleaning to reduce the risk of secondary injury. Some heel protection features to note are low-friction exteriors for ease of bed mobility, wipe-clean surfaces for convenience, easy access for skin inspection and dressing changes, padding, smooth edges, air flow, anti-rotation, and components for safe transfer or ambulation when needed.