GHX Ordering

GHX Ordering


Increase Ordering Efficiency, Reduce Costs

AliMed, Inc. has joined the GHX (Global Healthcare Exchange) network and we want to partner with you!  Sign up today and immediately benefit from:

Automated ordering
Cost reductions in order processing
Improved order accuracy
Reduced invoice discrepancies
Elimination of manual order records
Increased customer satisfaction
An electronic copy of our catalog to load on your system

Get Started, It's Easy

If you are currently a GHX member, follow these steps to ensure your system is set up correctly to submit orders to AliMed electronically:

1. Contact your internal EDI technical coordinator to change the way you send orders to AliMed. Your system settings will need to be changed from manual to EDI to comply with GHX formats.

2. Contact the GHX Registration Center to inform them about your intentions to establish a new connection with AliMed or click here for detailed instructions provided by GHX.

Have Questions for AliMed?

Would you like to request a copy of our electronic catalog to load on your purchasing system? Need any assistance with gathering ship-to IDs? Need more detailed information?

Please contact AliMed Electronic Ordering, for help in getting set up to submit your orders to us via GHX.



Thanks for Partnering with Us.
We Look Forward to Conducting Business Electronically with You!