Gait Belts

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AliMed's wide range of Gait Belts includes gait belts with designs, pediatric gait belts, disposable gait belts, easy to clean gait belts, MRI safe gait belts, antimicrobial gait belts, and more.

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What type of Gait Belt are you looking for?

Gait belts are an essential tool for ensuring the safety of clinicians and patients during both transfers and ambulation. Without the use of a gait belt, the caregiver is forced to hold onto the patient directly, which causes discomfort and potential injury to the patient. Not having a good grip can also cause the patient to slip or fall. In addition, gait belts provide a secure way for caregivers to support patients with less risk of their own injuries or back and shoulder pain.

Our most popular gait belt is the Antimicrobial-treated Gait Belt. Other infection control gait belt solutions include single patient use Disposable Gait Belts and easy to clean Wipeable Gait Belts.

Choose conventional cotton gait belts if you are looking for the best price and infection control is not a big concern. Designer gait belts are available in a wide range of colors and patterns and AliMed economical gait belts come with either a nickel-plated, easy-release buckle or a sturdy plastic clip buckle. Choose from various Gait Belt Colors and Patterns. AliMed also offers Posey Gait Belts in several designer patterns and Posey EZ Clean Gait Belts.

Many of our gait belts are available in shorter 40 inch lengths for smaller patients and pediatric use, and our colorful Pediatric Gait Belt is specifically designed for pediatric patients.

AliMed also offers a wide selection of specialty patient transfer belts including Lift-Easy Transfer Belts, SafetySure Transfer Belts and other Ergonomic Gait Belts with Handles.