Patient elopement is especially prevalent amongst Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and is a Never Event. These dangerous events put patients and residents at risk. In addition, accidents or injuries resulting from wandering are non-reimbursable under the CMS (Medicare) Never Events ruling in October 2008. AliMed’s range of wander alarms and other Alzheimer's and dementia products can reduce the risk of elopement.

stop wandering

Define off-limit areas

Prevent Wandering

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 people with Alzheimer’s disease will wander.* Individuals may become disoriented even in their own environment, making wandering one of the biggest challenges faced by caregivers. Safeguard your patients with an effective wandering prevention system including:

Deterrents such as easily recognizable Stop Signs and Stop Strips to redirect wandering individuals.

Alarm Units to warn when high-risk individuals rise from a bed or a chair.

Door and Window Alarms to help ensure patients remain in their room.

Motion Detection Devices
to monitor patients’ bedside, bedroom door, or exit door.

Floor Mats ranging from cordless to padded to alert caregivers when patients attempt to leave their bed or room.

*Source: Alzheimer’s Association website, 2015
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