Dysphagia/Oral Motor

Dysphagia swallowing difficulties may occur after a stroke or other illnesses or disorders. Healthcare professionals turn to these solutions and resources for dysphagia diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation:
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  • 3D Swallow 3D Swallow
    • Ultimate aid to understanding swallowing disorders on DVD!
    • Client version is a 15-minute instructional video that uses animations to introduce the client, family, nursing staff, or administrators to dysphagia
    • Professional version contains biomedical animations of normal swallow and eight common forms of dysphagia
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  • ARK Mini Tip ARK Mini Tip
    • Smaller version of the popular probe tip designed for use with very small mouths
    • Four sides configured with three differently textured surfaces—smooth, bumpy, and striated
    • Use to stimulate gums, palate, cheek, and tongue
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  • ARK Probe ARK Probe
    • Perfect size for young mouths
    • Square head offers three textures
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  • ARK Probe Tip ARK Probe Tip
    • A perfect size for young mouths
    • Four sides have three differently textured surfaces to produce various sensory results – smooth, bumpy, and striated
    • Use to apply vibrating deep pressure, to stroke sides of tongue, or as a stabilizing device
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  • Assessment of Dysphagia in Adults Assessment of Dysphagia in Adults
    • Provides extensive background information and procedural overviews needed to assess swallowing disorders in adults
    • Accompanying CD-ROM
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  • Bite 'n Chew Tip Bite 'n Chew Tip
    • Promote a sustained bite
    • Help improve jaw strength and stability
    • Can be used outside mouth, on cheeks, or on lips
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  • Chewy Tubes™ Chewy Tubes™
    • An innovative oral motor device designed to provide a resilient, non-food, chewable surface for developing and practicing biting and chewing skills
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  • Clinical Management of Swallowing Disorders, Third Edition Clinical Management of Swallowing Disorders, Third Edition
    • Day-to-day reference source allows rapid access to information on all aspects of swallowing disorders
    • Covers incidence, anatomy and physiology, etiology, diagnosis, and nutrition
    • Reveals the latest advances in dysphagia diagnosis and management, discusses the basic treatment techniques for improving swallowing safety
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  • Clinical Observational Dysphagia Assessment (CODA) Clinical Observational Dysphagia Assessment (CODA)
    • Based on ASHA's guidelines
    • Provides base for treatment plan

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  • Comprehensive Management of Swallowing Disorders Comprehensive Management of Swallowing Disorders
    • Focuses on anatomy and physiology fo the swallow
    • Well-known authors brought together to share their perspectives
    • Helpful appendices and index included
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  • CTAR Ball CTAR Ball
    • Chin Tuck Against Resistance
    • Enhances suprohoid muscles
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  • Drinking Aid Drinking Aid
    • Fingertip control
    • Dishwasher safe
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