DisCide® ULTRA Disinfectant

  • Fast-killing hospital disinfectant ready to use, no mixing! Residual kill protection even after it dries!
  • Effectively kills MRSA, VRE, HIV, EHV-1, herpes, adenovirus, staphylococcus, E-coli, pseudomonas, salmonella, and is a fungicidal and tuberculocidal – all in one
  • Safe for humans and animals – EPA registered
  • Meets OSHA's blood-borne pathogen standard


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DisCide Ultra Disinfectant, Quart Spray Bottle, cs/12
Item # 931364
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Towelette Canister Holder, Wall-mounted
Item # 931361
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Quart Bottle Holder
Item # 931359
In Stock
DisCide Ultra Disinfectant, 1 gallon, cs/4
Item # 927776
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DisCide® ULTRA Disinfectant is the only one-step hospital-level and veterinary disinfectant that is clinically proven to kill in one minute. Non-corrosive, non-staining, and has pleasant herbal scent. EPA registered and meeting OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards. Effective against TB, HBV, HBC, MRSA, VRE, E.coli, EHV-1. equine herpes and many other bacteria and viruses. Available in quarts, gallons, and towelette canisters. Wipes are 6"W x 6-3/4"L. 160 wipes/canister.

Canister Holder saves counter space with its convenient wall mounting. Accommodates DisCide® Towelette Canisters as well as other brands. Vinyl-coated exterior. Measures 5-5/8"O.D. x 6-1/4"L.

Quart Bottle Holder keeps disinfecting solutions always at the ready. Easy wall mount storage keeps your counters and cabinets clutter-free. Vinyl-coated exterior. Measures 3-1/2"O.D. x 6"L. Holds DisCide® disinfecting quart bottle spray solution.

Evaporation time 1.5 minutes means the disinfectant will not evaporate before micro-organisms are dead. Safe for animals and veterinary areas. Kills equine herpes EHV-1



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