T-Foam Cushions

The original NASA memory foam

T-Foam™ molds to body contours for optimal pressure redistribution, helps reduce painful pressure points, and retains its compressed shape long enough for capillary vessels to nourish skin tissue.

T-Foam Cushion: Space-age technology

When the NASA Ames Research Center set out to find a way to counteract discomfort from sitting for long periods in space vehicles, they invented cushioning foam with memory; that is, foam that recovers its original shape. Its unique characteristics and remarkable temperature and compression - rate sensitivity led to their naming it T-Foam, or Tempur Foam (temperature foam). When NASA made T-Foam available to the public, AliMed was first to use the technology to improve people’s lives. For more than 35 years, AliMed has provided the widest selection of T-Foam products for medical professionals and their patients.

Why use T-Foam?

“Slow recovery” is the phenomenon that sets apart an AliMed T-Foam Cushion from other foam wheelchair cushions. T-Foam retains its compressed shape long enough to allow the person’s capillary vessels to nourish tissues on the weight-bearing surface. When a person sits on a T-Foam cushion and shifts or lifts their body even slightly, T-Foam slowly recovers its original shape. When subjected to sudden impact, T-Foam absorbs up to 90% of impact shock and vibration. Lightweight and cool, T-Foam’s open-cell structure permits air to circulate freely through the material to prevent heat buildup and perspiration. It is also fire-retardant, exceeding CAL 117 specifications.

Basic T-Foam Combinations or Advanced

Choose from our three firmness ratings of Basic T-Foam Cushions — Soft (T38), Medium (T41), or Hard (T47)—for optimal pressure distribution based on the weight of the user (see chart below). To help address more advanced needs, AliMed provides a selection of T-Foam cushion combinations specially designed to improve posture, provide maximum comfort, evenly distribute pressure, and help avoid bottoming out. The T-Foam Combo Solid Seat Insert Cushion and Deluxe T-Foam Combo Cushion feature AliTex™ covers — two-way stretchable fabric that’s fluid-resistant yet breathable on top and non-slip vinyl on the bottom. AliTex covers are also removable and machine-washable for easy care and long-term use.

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