EZY Wrap® Boxer Fracture Brace

  • Neoprene with hook-and-loop closure
  • Can be applied with one hand
  • Allows adjustment for swelling and removal for skin care
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ezy Wrap® Boxer Fracture Brace Removable palmar spoon, ulnar/dorsal, and metacarpal stays eliminate pressure on the ulnar styloid and hold wrist and fingers in the preferred angle of support when treating 4th and 5th metacarpal fractures. Ulnar/Dorsal Stay is pre-adjusted with fingers in 70° flexion. Palmar stay is pre-adjusted with wrist in 30° extension. Metacarpal stay is easily adjusted.  Neoprene with hook-and-loop closure. Can be applied with one hand. Splint allows adjustment for swelling and removal for skin care. Black.

Sizing: Measure forearm 7" above wrist joint.
Pediatric/Youth size determined by body weight.  Pediatric/Youth 30-50 lbs
X-Small/Small: 8"-10"
Medium/Large: 10"-12"
X-Large/2X-Large: 11-1/2" to 15"

Specify Left or Right and Size.  Suggested Code: L3917, L3807

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