AliMed® Pavlik-Type Harness

AliMed® Pavlik-Type Harness

  • Soft, dynamic infant Pavlik type harness to treat congenital hip dysplasia in infants up to 6 months old
  • This Pavlik-type harness maintains hip in flexion and abduction
  • No metal buckles
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Harness, X-Small
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Harness, Small
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Harness, Medium
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Harness, Large
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AliMed® Pavlik-Type Harness is a soft, dynamic harness used to treat congenital hip dysplasia in infants up to six months old. The harness maintains hips in flexion and abduction ensuring proper femoral head position to promote normal formation and deepening of hip socket. Harness is comfortable, with a felt-liner and color-coded hook and loop straps. Foot sock can be worn with toe section open or closed. No metal buckles. Hand wash in mild detergent. Air dry.

Suggested code: L1620.

Specify size when ordering this infant harness. Measure chest circumference at nipple line.

Size Chest circ. Age
X-Small 12" - 14" Premature
Small 14" - 16.5" 0 - 3 mo.
Medium 16.5 "- 18.5" 3 - 6 mo
Large 18.5" - 21.5" 6 - 9 mo.
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Looking for the Wheaton Pavlik Harness?

What is Hip Dysplasia?
Hip Dysplasia is a comprehensive term that has been used to include a spectrum of related developmental hip problems in infants and children, often present at birth often also diagnosed as congenital hip dislocation, congenital dislocatable hip, congenital subluxatable hip, acetabular dysplasia. Incidence of hip dysplasia is estimated at 4 per 1000 live births and It occurs more frequently in girls and first-borns. It may also be hereditary. If left untreated, and the condition does not resolve on its own, the long-term consequences can result in a shorter leg, a pronounced limp, and premature onset of arthritis and hip pain.

How does a Pavlik Harness Help?

Treatment of hip dysplasia tries to hold the hip in the reduced position to allow the head of the femur to mold the acetabulum. This is usually the position of flexion and abduction. The Pavlik Harness holds the hips in a position of controlled hip flexion and abduction. Unlike a cast, the Pavlik Harness does not rigidly immobilize the hips, but instead allows controlled movement.
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