New from AliMed: Workplace Safety & Ergonomic Solutions

September 21, 2015
ppe shoes

It’s no secret that providing workers with high-quality workplace safety and ergonomics solutions directly supports reduced injuries, increased worker morale, improved product quality, reduced turnover, increased job satisfaction and employee engagement, and increased profits for an organization.

AliMed’s 2015-2016 product line represents the most comprehensive offering of workplace safety and ergonomics resources available, and reflects our ongoing commitment to providing you and your organization with the latest safety and ergonomic solutions.

So What’s New?

Some notable additions this year’s line are such innovative products as the SmartCanMax from EZDump, and new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including safety shoes from trusted brands such as Grabbers, Knapp, Reebok, Florsheim, Iron Age 6, and Rockport. And for added comfort in those shoes and work boots, we have two new insoles from Impacto and Rhino Tuff. Also from Impacto, we have available the latest gloves for all your workplace needs.

You already know that the most valuable resource at your organization is your employees, and here at AliMed we are committed to supporting your efforts to protect them while increasing morale, productivity and profitability.

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