Trendelenburg Positioning

AliMed and our clinician partners apply extensive research and design to develop innovative Trendelenburg positioning solutions that exceed surgical patients’ needs. Our disposable Trendelenburg positioners provide outstanding infection control and our reusable Trendelenburg positioner is a top economical option. As the industry leader in patient positioners - AliMed has the right solution for your specific needs.

SecureFit™ TPS Trendelenburg Positioning System


SecureFit’s contoured foundation and conforming gel surface provides better patient ­positioning in less time, taking safety, stability, and surgical access to the next level.

Viscoelastic gel conforms to patient’s anatomy and redistributes pressure

Contoured design cradles the scapula region, avoiding the brachial plexus

AliMed® Trendelenburg Stabilizer™


Reduce risk of infection and speed cleanup. ­Consistent setup ensures ­patients are safely secured in Trendelenburg every time. One size fits all patients.

Single-use convoluted foam for pressure reduction and air circulation

Integrated draw sheet and secure straps deliver stability

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