Knee and Hip Joint Surgical Products

May 3, 2018

Successful surgical outcomes require the right tools

The key to improving patient outcomes and aiding patient compliance—before, during, and after surgery—is providing the right products to both your surgical teams and your patients. AliMed has the tools you and your patients need for success through all four stages of the surgical process:

  • Pre-op bracing for optimal stability and comfort
  • A wide range of surgical positioners for maximum comfort and security during procedures
  • Post-op bracing for increased functionality, motion, and stability
  • Home-care items to aid in recovery and reduce re-injury, from reachers to no-tie shoelaces

It’s hip to be compliant

Once your patient leaves the hospital, AliMed’s post-op and recovery products—from supportive hip abduction orthoses and knee braces to special seat cushions and home-care aids—will give you the comfort of knowing your patient has the tools necessary to make it easy to stay compliant, leading to positive patient outcomes and long-term recovery success.