TheraTogsā„¢ ULTRA Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System

TheraTogsā„¢ ULTRA Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System

  • TheraTogs Starter System
  • Simple, cost-effective system
  • Improves posture and torso alignment
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TheraTogs PTA System, Preschool
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TheraTogs™ ULTRA Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System is an entry level product especially designed for clinicians and clients who are new to TheraTogs. The TheraTogs PTA was designed to leverage that human ‘upright’ response into improved functional alignment, taking full advantage of the neuromotor system’s ability to ‘learn’ and adapt. The TheraTogs PTA system consists of two garments and a small set of straps – a basic system that’s simple to apply, cost-effective, and easy to train caregivers in its use. The newest addition to the TheraTogs ULTRA line, the PTA is made of our special new GoldTone fabric, designed specifically for neuromotor retraining.

The PTA System is the new TheraTogs “starter kit” you’ve been waiting for!  With 3 simple steps your clients can “wear their way” to improved posture and torso alignment:
1.  Fit the garments
2.  Align the spine
3.  Add strapping where needed

Carry over posture training from the therapy session to thousands of daily repetitions – performed in improved alignment!  Start with a simplified system – gain confidence with immediate results.  You can also add other TheraTogs Expansion Modules later if needed.

Indications: Hypotonia; Poor posture; Kyphosis; TBI, Lordosis; Trunk Instability

Diagnoses: Developmental delay; Benign congenital hypotonia; Cerebral palsy;  Muscular dystrophy;
CNS disorders; Genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome; Prader-Willi Trisomy 13; Myotonic dystrophy.

 Size  Weight (lbs.)  Shoulder to
 ASIS to
Knee Joint
 Infant  15 - 25  10-1/2"  9-3/4"
 Preschool  25 - 45  11-3/4"  13-1/3"
 Pediatric  45 - 65  15"  18-3/4"
 Petite Adult  65 - 110  17-1/2"  20-3/4"
*ASIS refers to Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

Note: Sale of these TheraTogs products outside of the United States is prohibited.

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More About TheraTogs

"My four year old daughter got TheraTogs two days ago. The change in her walking is AMAZING. She used to walk with her left foot/leg turned in 45 to 90 degrees. Braces were not stopping this rotation from the hip. But now both of her feet face forward! She looks great! She absolutely loves wearing her “super suit". – Daria, Mom

The typical TheraTogs client receives up to 16 hours of wearable therapy every day!

TheraTogs are one of the most innovative, versatile and progressive modalities available for physical and occupational therapy practices. TheraTogs are a live-in exo-muscular system for neuromotor, postural, and sensory training. The system provides a versatile, flexible approach to addressing and managing mobility, sensory input, and stability issues.

TheraTogs were developed by a world-class clinician because there were no existing devices, resources, or modalities that were effective or versatile enough to make a significant improvement in physical rehabilitation. Their development has been driven by a passion to realize the full potential of physical rehab services that are based on solid biomechanical principles and neuromuscular science.

TheraTogs are made from a patented, proprietary material with an inner foam layer that grips the skin and the underlying soft tissues, and a Velcro®-sensitive outer layer to which clinicians can affix elastic strapping, the “external muscle” of the system. The material is comfortable and breathable, and the typical TheraTogs configuration is worn under normal clothing.

The results are stunning – TheraTogs replicates successful manual sensorimotor training techniques, allowing the wearer to engage in routine activities with improved joint alignment, all day long.

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