T-Gel Cushions


T-Gel Cushions

Which T-Gel Cushion Option is Right For You?

T-Gel is an elastomer gel — a solid sheet of soft, rubber-like polymer that mimics fatty tissue. With typical cushions, excessive shear force leads to occlusion of blood flow, which is seen as one of the biggest contributing factors behind pressure sores and discomfort. But T-Gel moves with the skin to minimize the effects of skin-shearing and the risk of skin breakdown. Guaranteed not to leak or dry out if accidentally punctured or cut.

Customizing T-Gel

We can customize our T-Gel cushions to meet your needs. Contact us regarding customized T-Gel cushions.

Call 800.225.2610 x103 to order.

Choose between two gel options:

smooth t-gel cushions Smooth
Basic shear relief. Minimizes the effects of skin shearing with smooth surface. checkerboard t-gel cushions Checkerboard
Each individual gel cell can move independently to react to the user’s movements and allows greater air circulation to fragile skin.

Layering Options:

t-gel layer options
  • T-Gel™ layer  Reduces shear. Choose Smooth or Checkerboard.
  • T-Foam™   Redistributes pressure.
  • Solid Seat Insert™  Stabilizes sitting surface.
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