b'Sainbglele S-Ptraatpiesnt-Use Table StrapsTPadded, disposable universal strapnSkin-safe paddingUniversal Econo-Straps combine six feet of easy-catch loop on one side, doughy-soft padded sponge on the other, and 10"Ideal for of strong hook material at the enddelivering maximum skinCT and MRI!protection, ultimate adjustability, and excellent closure strength. Wrap around any body part from finger to foot. Cut for the best fit. No rough edges to irritate skin. Use for imaging, surgery, or critical care. 72"LRadiolucent and artifact-freeMetal-freeMR-safe75363"W75394"WCustom sizes availableCALL!6\' of loop Wraps around any body part14 "-thick sponge layer for maximum skin protection10" of hook for adjustabilityHeavy-duty immobilization10"W 14"WA.For tables without side railsOne closureExtra-wide for best security and reducingpatient motion during proceduresn Up to 14"W for maximum immobilizationNo side railsRadiolucent Abdominal ImmobilizersA.ONE-CLOSURE STRAPHeavy-duty, extra-wide grey canvas with9-93810"W x 75"LB.For tables with side railsmultiple hook-and-loop closures for a secure hold.9-95514"W x 75"LThree closuresHelps reduce movement during imaging, offering92557214"W x 87"L clearer images and reducing the need for repeat92557314"W x 120"Lexams. One-Closure Strap wraps around table B.THREE-CLOSURE STRAPwithout side rails. Use Three-Closure Strap for tables with side rails.92025914"W x 72"L (36" EACH SIDE) Grey with 2"W Yellow/Black hook-and-loop closures 92557414"W x 96"L (48" EACH SIDE)Side rails MR-safe92557514"W x 120"L (60" EACH SIDE) Custom sizes and volume discounts availableCALL!8 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'