b'Cleanable, Reusable Table StrapsCleanable, Reusable Table StrapsVeriClean StrapsNo StitchingFully welded seams are imperviousto bacterian Low costEconomyCam-style Straps buckle2"W neoprene-coated nylon straps with one cam-style metal buckle. Not maden Welded seams wont trap bacteriawith natural rubber latex.VeriClean Single Straps are the first2"WThermoplastic urethane beltOne cam-style metal 2"WOne cam-style metal buckle O.R. table straps with welded seams tobuckle3-year warranty 93301196"L withstand high-level disinfection. No stitching, 937121M, 96"L933012118"L punctures, or seams allows for easier cleaning 937122M/L, 118"L933013132"L and fewer potential sources of contamination. 937123XL, 132"LWipe down or send to Central Processing. Not made with natural rubber latex.Read more about VeriClean on p. 5n Easily adjustable nGel protection for n Easy, buckle-free closure nBuckle-free optionCovidienshear reduction with mid-panelDevonD-ringBlack ReusableAliGelSurgicalConductive Nonmetallic O.R. Table Body/Table AliGelPositioning Straps eliminate protruding Knee StrapsStraps inside StrapsOne-piecebuckles. Heavy-duty conductive vinyl. cushion the black conductive Secure around patient with hook-and-secure patientpatient with vinyl strapsthread loop c losures. Adjust to fit all surgical during O.R.gel protection. around side rails tables with side rails. procedures.One-piece with strong hook- May be used with Easily adjustable with metal ringurethane strap attaches to the surgicaland-loop closures.Grabber Bracket, Metal-freeStandard: 6"W x 70"Lattachments. Designed for use ontable side rails and secures back onsee p. 12Mid-panel: 5"W x 18"LBariatric: 10"W operating room tables and gurneys.itself with hook-and-loop closures. GelNot made withx 120"LMid-panel: 10"W x 24"L Secure with hook-and-loop closure.mid-panel mimics fatty tissue andnatural rubber latex. 95-577 STANDARD, 5"WAvailable in two lengths: 37"L andmoves with the patient to reduce skin75"LMetal-free 925470 BARIATRIC, 10"W60"L. Not made with natural rubbershear to protect against friction or95-080 3"Wlatex. 6/cs. pressure injuries. Not made with95-081 5"W4"WMetal D-ringWashable natural rubber latex. 93812937"L, 6/cs 412"W x 56"LGel mid-panel: 38"Lx 3 8 " thick Compression pad93813060"L, 6/cs931332ALIGEL TABLE STRAP customerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 7'