b'Sainbglele S-Ptraatpiesnt-Use Table StrapsTO.R. Table StrapsStraps for every needConventionalfrom economical to high-level disinfection or DisinfectableAliMeds wide selection of O.R. Table Straps fit all surgical tables with side rails. Available in conventional, sewn styles with mid-panels that offer stability and evenly distribute pressure over the patients abdomen, webbing-free styles for better wipeabilitychoose padded for pressure reliefor impermeable, stitch-free styles that are fully submersible for high-level disinfection.The VeriClean advantageover conventional strapsThe stitching on most rubber laminate O.R. straps presents punctures, perforations, and thread fibers that create a breeding ground for bacteria. Surface disinfection is easy, but its nearly impossible to disinfect bacteria within stitched areas without compromising the structural integrity of the strap.VeriClean is the first O.R. table strap thatis ultrasonically welded. No stitching. No puncture holes. No open seams. Completely submersibleevery conceivable surface canbe disinfected.Conventional Mid-panel O.R. Table StrapsEconomical Wipeable, webbing-free Wipeable, pressure reliefStitched Seams Memory Foam Nylon Webbing Padding Economy StrapsExtremely durableyourWipeable Straps feature a smooth surfaceDeluxe Padded Straps"-thick T-Foam workhorse surgical strap. that helps reduce bacterial contamination.padding for maximum pressure reduction. Wipeable. Simply wipe clean with soap and water, thenExtra-strong, extra-wide, 1"-thick Bariatric Super Straps Straps: 2"W nylon webbingMid-panel: 5"W x 18"L disinfect. Available in four lengths. (see p. 14) accommodate patients up to 1,000 lbs. Conductive vinylSewn seamsCam-style metal buckles Not made with natural rubber latex Straps: 2"WMid-panel: 5"W x 18"LNeoprene-coatedNeoprene-coated vinylSewn seamsCam-style metal buckles 95-08296"L vinylSewn seamsCam-style metal bucklesNot made Not made with natural rubber latexDeluxe Padded: Straps: with natural rubber latex 2"WMid-panel: 5"W x 18"L or 6"W x 24"LBariatric: Usable UPGRADEto stitch-free VeriClean for better 93108896"Lstrap: 80"L; Total: 142"L; Mid-panel: 12"W x 30"Linfection control, see p. 5.933008108"L 933009120"L5"W6"W12"W BARIATRIC933010132"L93300296"L933004108"L932447108"L UPGRADEto stitch-free VeriClean for better 933005120"Linfection control, see p. 5.933006132"L4 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'