b'Cleanable, ReusableA lTiSabtrlaep StrSaopfstAliStrap SoftThe Strap Solution for Fragile Skin4 Skin-safe 4 Padded 4 Soft edgesPadded Polyfoam centerCUT TO ANYLENGTH Medical (fine) hook Skin-soft loopAliStrap Soft is a padded, self-adhering strap that The edges of AliStrap Soft are gently yet securely stabilizes patients with at-risk skinflexible and yielding, with a soft loop during surgery, imaging, and other procedures. With a non- side that is gentle on skinunlike other adhesive, back-to-back hook-and-loop closure, AliStrap Softproducts with stiff edges that can cause uses low-profile, smoother medical-grade hooks that areskin shear and discomfort to patients.less abrasive than traditional hooks. The padded loop center and softer edges wont damage delicate skin. Economical and disposable, these straps are perfect for single use, preventing cross-contamination and offering easy cleanup. Convenient 30\'L roll. Cut to length, wrap, and press together for a secure, safe, and gentle bond Flexible, yielding edges reduce sheareven when wet. Available in two widths. Beige.Conventional back-to-back hook-and-loop930382112"W 9301632"W 2"W Custom sizes availableCALL!Stiff edges cause subcutaneous shear1 12 "W \x07pp. 2, 3More AliStrap optionsInfant Immobilizers secure the smallest patientsnBoard and Pediatricstrap setPositioners Circumstraint and more for fast immobilization of online newborns (4 to 16 lbs.) for use duringnIncludes 100 strapsDesigned circumcision, transfusion, infusion, scalp IV, specifically for yourcatheterization, blood exchanges, minor surgery,Arista Baby Board Straps are made specifically X-ray, and other neonatal medical procedures.to immobilize infants during circumcision procedures.smallest patients Complete with four adjustable VELCRO-brand straps for securing arms and legs. Four 10"L straps per set, includes 25 sets (100 straps total)Esther/tricotNot made with natural rubber latexAliMed.com/pediatrics 98IMM1-1CIRCUMSTRAINT98CLA6-18 BABY BOARD STRAP, 4 straps/set, 25/setscustomerservice@AliMed.com 800.225.2610 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 15'