b'Sianrgialetr-iPca Stiteranpt-sUse Table StrapsBBariatric Straps1"-thick paddingVeriClean Straps Conventional StrapsNo Stitching Stitching 74 BacteriaFully welded seams Bacteria can penetrate are impervious stitching and puncture holesto bacteria on conventional strapsnThe only high-level, fullyn Extra-thick, 1" padding fordisinfectable strap pressure reliefVeriClean Bariatric O.R.Bariatric Super StrapsFour 55"LTable StrapsThe onlyconduc tive, sewn neoprene-coated vinylbariatric O.R. table strap withstraps wrap around surgical table side rail. Theultrasonically welded seams toExtra-large 11"W x 30"L Fully weldedFour lock-tight buckles and1"-thick pad cushions the patient to effectively help withstand complete and repeatedmid-panel seamsno stitching two sturdy, manage pressure during procedures. This extra-submersion in high-levelextra-long straps strong, extra-wide strap provides a secure padded fit, disinfectants. No stitching, no puncture holes, and no open seams leave no place for bacteria to hide. Alsodesigned to accommodate your largest patients.features four lock-tight buckles, an extra-large mid-panel, and two sturdy, extra-long straps for total security Mid-panel: 12"W x 30"L x 1" thickUsable strap: 80"Lof your largest patients. Fits all surgical tables with side rails or strap hooks.Total Strap: 142"LCam-style metal bucklesNot made Strap: 2"W thermoplastic urethane belt140"LMid-panel: 11"W x 30"LWelded seamsCam-style metal buckles with natural rubber latex1,000-lb. capacity Not made with natural rubber latex1,000-lb. capacity3-year warranty 932447BARIATRIC SUPER STRAP 937678VERICLEAN BARIATRIC Read more about VeriClean on p. 5n Secure attachment nFits up to 10"W strapsBariatric Nissen Straps support larger patients needs during steep reverseBariatric Grabber Brackets operate under tension and positively lock Trendelenburg positioning. Integral clamps attach to rail tightly and securely. onto tables (with or without side rails) up to 1 12 " thick. Straps easily disengage Pads: 7"W x 31"LStraps are adjustable in usable length up to 70"For U.S. tables onlywhen tension is released. Sold in pairs. Straps not included. 1,000-lb. capacity when used as a pair 11 12 "W x 2 34 "H with 10" strap slotFor use with Nonmetallic Table Strap #925470, sold at 923477BARIATRIC NISSEN STRAP, prAliMed.com925473BARIATRIC GRABBER BRACKET, pr 14 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'