b'Rietnruagsplae Mb-Pleoa utAinertmnstb-Uosaerd T aSbtrlea pSstrapsSStrap Mounts Strap Mountsprovide security Easy, fast, versatileand time savingsSave time and effort with AliMeds two mounting options, each requiring only one person to secure the patient.Grabber Brackets easily secure straps on any tableeven tables without side rails or those with open side rails. No need to run a strap under the table, or to deal with clumsy strap adjustments. Brackets can be attached at any location where they will be most effective and operate under tension to allow a single person to secure the surgical strap from one sideof the table.Strap Hooks are made especially for use withA.Grabber Bracketssurgical tables with side rails. Installation of Operate under tensionstraps is easy, and the hooks lock the tension B.Grabber Bracket Strap Setsfor a secure hold.Use straps on any table C.Strap HooksFit most O.R. tablesn Regular or bariatric strap slot n Strap is included n Fit most O.R. tablesA. Grabber Brackets operate underB. Grabber Bracket Strap Sets allowC. Strap Hooks attach to most brands tension and positively lock onto tables (withstraps to be used on any tablewith orof surgical tables with U.S. side rails. 4/pk.or without side rails) up to 1 12 " thick. Straps easilywithout side rails. Brackets operate under tension3"W x 12" thick2 14 "W strap slotdisengage when tension is released. Sold in pairs.and positively lock onto tables up to 1" thick. Straps not included. Strap easily disengages when tension is released.933007STRAP HOOK, 4/pk Regular: 6"W x 2"H with 5 1 / 2 "W strap slotUse with5"W black cotton duck strap with hook-and-loop Universal Body Strap #9-931, sold at AliMed.com closure threads through the bracket and can alsoBariatric: 11 1 / 2 "W x 2 3 / 4 "H with 10"W strap slot be used directly on tables with side rails. Brackets 9-324REGULAR, prcan also be purchased separately at left. 925473BARIATRIC, prBracket: 6"W x 2"H512"W strap slotStrap: 5"W x 75"L one-piece strap with 2"W hook-and-loop closure9-935GRABBER BRACKET STRAP SET D. E. Durable and versatileC. Table SocketsB.A.FREEDOM 360 SocketB.FREEDOM Clark Socket A. Accepts round and flat posts.Accepts round and flat posts. Calibrated Independently adjust placement, for correct device angle. Orange safety height, and angle. line ensures security.937932FREEDOM 360 934725FREEDOMC. Clark Socket Plus EZ-OnD. Clark Socket Plus Slide-OnE. Original Clark Socket Accepts round and flat posts andAccepts round and flat posts with stainlessAccepts any round post with stainlessattaches anywhere along rail. steel strength. steel strength.937344PLUS EZ-ON 937130PLUS SLIDE-ON 936673ORIGINAL12 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'