b'Armboard StrapsArmboard Straps ReusableAliGel AliGel insideinsiden Comfortable and easy to clean n Gel protection to reducen Safely secure patients armReusable Armboard Straps hold skin shear Covidien Devon Reusable Armboard patients arms securely to arm board duringAliGel Arm/Hand Stabilizer Straps Straps help secure patients arm safely in place surgery. Broad surface area reduces pressureUnique gel formula mimics fatty tissue andwith proper positioning. Specifically made for points on arm. Black conductive vinyl with hook- moves with the patient to help reduce skin shearuse on operating room tables and gurneys. Easily and-loop closure is comfortable against skin. and protect against pressure injuries. One-pieceadjustable with hook-and-loop strap and closure. 4"WNot made with natural rubber latexClean withstrap securely stabilizes arms and hands toWashable for convenient reusability. 25/cs.disinfectantSold in pairs armboards with hook-and-loop closure. 1 12 "W x 26"LWashableHook-and-loop closure93190230"L, pr2"W x 36"L x 1/4" thickNot made with natural rubber938131REUSABLE ARMBOARD STRAP, 25/cs 93754636"L, prlatexSold in pairs939300ALIGEL ARM/HAND STABILIZER STRAP, pr Single-Patient UseStrong hold,Medium hold, hook-Hook-sensitive outsidehook-sensitive sensitive fabric outsideUltra-smooth nylon FoamStretch- on both sides Soft, ultra-smoothpaddingresistantResists stretch for secureFoam padding with skin-sensitive nylon nylon strap is extremelyinside core hold with a soft, hook- outer layer cover insidecomfortable against skinsensitive exterior and n Ultra-smooth n Stretch resistant padded interior n Strong closureSoft-Touch Armboard StrapsUltra- Soft-Secure Armboard StrapsPaddedCovidien Devon Single-Use Armboard smooth woven straps are soft for maximumstraps feature a stretch-resistant core, for aStrapsIdeal for use on O.R. tables andcomfort and fragile skin protection in an economical,secure hold. Soft, hook-sensitive outer surfacegurneys. Strong construction ensures secure single-use strap. Minimal stretch ensures a firmlaminated to a padded foam interior is gentleand comfortable patient positioning. 48/cs.hold while providing some conformity. against skin. 112"W x 32"LHook-and-loop closureNot made with 3"W or 112"W x 32"LWoven fabricHook-and-loop3"W or 112"W x 32"LHook-sensitive outer/natural rubber latexWhite/BlueclosureNot made with natural rubber latexWhite foam-padded innerHook-and-loop closureNot made938132SINGLE-USE ARMBOARD STRAP, 48/cs3"W with natural rubber latexWhite/Blue93816212/cs 3"W9381620448/cs93815812/cs 93816212144/cs9381580448/cs1"W 93815812144/cs 93816412/cs 1"W Full line of 9381640448/cs93816012/cs 9381600448/csArmboard Pads93816412144/cs93816012144/csavailable onlineAliMed.com/armboards10 AliMed.com/patient-safety-straps 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'