Clinical Stools and Seating

Clinical workspaces often call for rolling stools or seating to aid with comfort and mobility while keeping equipment—and patients—easily accessible. With varying needs and functionality required, choose the style that suits your space.

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Ergonomic Office Seating

Long hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs can contribute to poor posture, fatigue, and aches, which may result in decreased staff productivity. Proper ergonomic seating plays an important role in developing a safer, healthier, more productive workplace, providing all-day comfort and support for office, administrative, or nursing station staff.

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Footstools or Step Stools are a staple in healthcare facilities, allowing for safe reaching in any area—from the stockroom to the operating room. Choose from a range of sizes and weight capacities to fit any need or space.

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Stools and Seating

Different healthcare environments require different seating. With a wide selection of options from clinical stools and footstools to ergonomic office chairs, AliMed can support of range of seating needs designed to maintain a safe, functional, and productive workspace in any facility setting.