Stay-Put Wheelchair Cushions

Cushion stays with the chair — even when folded

Stay-Put Folding Cushions

Open for use, cushion stays in place

Closed for storage, cushion stays attached

Never lose a cushion again

Stay-Put Cushions put an end to the worry of lost or misplaced wheelchair cushions. The hinged design allows the cushion to fold, and the straps secure the cushion in place even when the wheelchair is stored. Fewer lost cushions mean fewer costly replacements. The secure attachment also ensures the cushion remains properly positioned on the chair, and the correct cushion remains on the correct resident’s chair, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

When the time comes to use the wheelchair, simply open it up and the cushion is already attached, properly placed, and ready for use!

Stay-Put Cushions fit most sling-seat wheelchairs and come in a variety of support, stability, and pressure-relief options to suit the specific needs of your patients.

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Stay-Put Wheelchair Cushion Testimonials:

Stay-Put cushions are ingenious. As a therapist, I can only ask ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Such a simple concept, yet such an expert execution of a great idea. These cushions meet the demands of most wheelchair-dependent people, and make transporting and storing wheelchairs so simple. I highly recommend Stay-Put. — Gina, PTA
I am an LPTA who has been working in the PT field for 32 years, ordering all types of rehab equipment for the individuals I serve. I am writing to let you know that the Stay-Put cushion has had such a positive impact on the people that use it, that I feel I have to give credit where it is due. The feedback is that it is comfortable, compact and easy to use, and clean. The less bulk and add-ons that people have to pack up is greatly appreciated. So, right on with the Stay-Put! — Cathy, LPTA
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