AliMed® ShouldersBack

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AliMed® ShouldersBack
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AliMed ShouldersBack, White, Small #2970021273
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Product Highlights

  • Aligns shoulder, neck, and back muscles
  • Retrains muscle memory and posture
  • Promotes proper breathing

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AliMed® ShouldersBack reinforces correct use of postural muscles and allows full ROM. Flexible design offers gentle correction of postural muscles, retaining and strengthening these muscles over time. Non-binding, all-elastic straps won't constrict or irritate skin. Flexible AliDry fabric panel also offers superior breathability so it won't trap heat or perspiration. Low-profile design is virtually undetectable under clothing. For optimal comfort, wear over a thin, fitted T-shirt under bulkier clothing. White.

Sizing: Measure circumference of rib cage.
Small fits up to 24"
Medium fits up to 38"
Large fits up to 50"

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