Pressure redistribution systems provide a winning combination

January 16, 2015
redistribute pressure

Pressure ulcers are an all too common condition affecting surgical and other hospital patients. However the risk of pressure ulcers is often overlooked. AliMed is committed to reducing the incidence of this painful and costly occurrence with premium pressure redistribution solutions that feature the most advanced pressure-reducing technology.

To help avoid pressure’s invisible danger, start with a pressure-relieving surgical surface and specialized patient positioners to provide patients extra protection up front. AliMed’s surgical surfaces are specifically designed to mold to the shape of each patient’s body and reduce pressure points. There are multiple materials to choose from, including Polyfoam, Temper foam, and gel-topped table pad options in a variety of sizes to fit most any surgical table.

Custom-made surfaces for uniquely shaped tables are available, as well. A complete solution includes pairing the right pressure-reducing surgical surface with patient positioners that cushion bony prominences and protect skin and joints.

AliGel, one of AliMed’s trusted and popular positioning solutions, delivers protection inside and out. The outer surface is softer than skin, while the underlying gel mimics fatty tissue and moves with the patient to reduce shear. AliGel positioners are available in more than one hundred different shapes and sizes. Your facility, and your patients, will benefit from AliMed’s wide range of surgical surfaces and positioning products, designed to effectively redistribute pressure and support safe, effective care for procedures ranging from common outpatient surgeries to lengthy, complex operations.