b'Patient TransferAliMed Soft Gold Rollboards AliMed Patient Rollers AliMed AliSlide Half ShiftersGreaterBall-bearing, aluminum rollers workTransfer patients in any positioninfectionin unison with durable, conductiveupright, lying, or those with epidural protection vinyl cover to assist with easy catheters or spinal anesthesia lines. no-lift transfers between unevenBridges small gaps between uneven surfaces. Replacement Covers for transfers. Warp-resistant for a smooth No lifting required! Conveyor-beltall sizes available at AliMed.com. 67"L sliding surface. Elongated hand holes mechanics for smooth, lower-force14"W440-lb. capacityWipe clean for a secure grip or use for hanging.31"L 23"Wtransfers. Antimicrobial-treated frames and BlackShort: 25"L5.8 lbs.Med.:23"W x 31"L x 0.08" thick1.7 lbs.fabric covers help prevent bacterial growth.30"L6.3 lbs.Long: 67"L13 lbs. 250-lb. capacityRadiolucentStain-More sizes and Disposable Covers at AliMed.com.#9-254SHORT$263.25 ea 30"L resistantClean with disinfectantMR-safe RadiolucentMR-safeAntistaticWipeableShort Narrow:#9-729MED.$264.50 ea 25"LWhite 15"W x 42"L8 lbs.Short Wide: 19"W x 34"L8 lbs.#9-728LONG$366.75 ea #931827$144.25 ea#938652SHORT NARROW$663.50 ea California residents, see left page. 14"W California residents, see left page.#938651SHORT WIDE$663.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.AliMed Anti-Stat Shifters AliMed Conductive Shifters AliMed Bariatric ShiftersStatic-free! Slippery coating protectsNo more painful shocks for patientsIdeal for lateral patient patient from sticking to shifter andguaranteed! Carbon-filled plastictransfers up to 600 lbs. shields against static buildup. Warp- conducts electricity to help eliminateReduces staff injury by resistant, smooth board with handlesdangerous shocks for patients orminimizing friction during38"W slides easily onto bed or stretcher. damage to electrical equipment. transfer. Elongated hand holes at widest 72"L x 3 16 " thick250-lb. capacityClean3 16 " thick250-lb. capacityClean withfor secure grip. Flexible plastic pointwith disinfectantMR-safeNarrow: 18"W72 " L disinfectantBlackRectangle: 233/4"W x72"L for uneven surfaces.72"L 7.75 lbs.AquaStd: 22"W9 lbs.Aqua453/4"L7 lbs.Narrow: 18"W x 72"L7.7538"W x 72"L x 3 16 " thick24 lbs. or White lbs.Std.: 22"W x 72"L9 lbs.600-lb. capacityClean with #9-077NARROW, AQUA$211.25 ea #938289RECTANGLE$212.10 ea disinfectant MR-safePurple#9-076STD., AQUA$265.50 ea #938288NARROW$243.00 ea #935944$375.00 ea#9-719STD., WHITE$265.25 ea #9-182STD.$369.00 ea Additional shippingCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. charges may apply. 18"W or 22"W 22"W Std. shown California residents, see left page.MegaMover Portable Transport Units Z-Slider Patient Transfer Sheets AliMed Wall HangersDurable, fluid-resistant, andDisposable sheetStores shifters off portable. Holds up to 1,000aids with transfersthe floor and within2"L pegs Vertical lbs. with 14 handles forand repositioning,reach. 2"L adjustable- Wall Hangerergonomic lifting. Plus unitreducing the risk ofwidth pegs fit most is Grey to decrease visibilitystaff injuries and cross- shifters. Horizontal for security and fits standardcontamination. Includesmodel includes 8"L18"Lbackboards for support.shelf dispenser box forpegs to hold multiple 40"W x 80"LNon-woven, latex-freeuse in the O.R. or inshifters.Foldable1 lb.1,000-lb. capacity patient rooms. 60/cs. Solid oak, clear finishMR-unsafe 1500: White w/black handlesPlus: Grey w/black handles 333 8 "W x 391/4"LTwo-ply Mounting hardware notincluded#71983MODEL 1500$49.00 ea plastic sheeting Vertical: 5"W x 18"L x 3 4 " thick Horizontal: 51 2 "W x 32"L x 1" thick Transfer board #7198410/cs$328.57 cs ($32.86 ea) #935568$154.24 cs not included#71985MODEL PLUS$46.75 ea California residents, see left page. #9-704VERTICAL$89.35 ea#7198610/cs$427.45 cs ($42.75 ea) #75134HORIZONTAL$135.09 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Health o meter Patient Transfer ScalesTransfer board with built- Accurate weighing in scale provides instant and accurate weightfor safer dosingmeasurement when transferring critical or immobile patients, aiding with safe medication dosing,Overall: 271/2"W x 71"L x 1" thickWeighing mat: 21"W x 71"LHeight food replacement, or fluidmeasuring tape: 100-180 cm in 5-cm increments3"W x 1"H backlit LCD balance. Large, clear digitaldisplayFunctions: lbs./kg conversion, zero, hold/release, auto-off3.7V LCD display. Lightweight andrechargeable battery (50-hour life)550-lb./250-kg capacity in 1-lb./0.5-kg portable for use anywhereincrements25 lbs.Wipe clean2-year limited warrantyand as part of existing#960799$6,600.00 ea Large LCD display patient transfer protocols. California residents, see left page. for clear readingsAliMed.com 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'