b'AliMed Helping peoplehelp people Keep your O.R. runningDRASTICALLY REDUCES PULL FORCEUP TOTO HELP PREVENT INJURY!PPS Glide Air-Assisted Lateral TransferUP TOSystemsSimilar to an air hockey table, innovative air-assisted technology reduces friction by circulating air through hundreds of micro-perforations, creating a cushion of air to help smoothly, comfortably, and safely transfer patients. This drastically reduces overall pullLong pullforce, helping prevent injury and requiring handles for easyPump soldPump sold fewer staff to assist. Available in Reusable maneuvering separately separatelyand disposable Single Patient Use models.REUSABLESINGLE PATIENT USEPPS Glide Reusable: Machine-washableMR-safe #938605REGULAR, 28"W x 78"LEACH #960926REGULAR, 34"W x 78"L 10/CASE 1-year limited warrantyRegular: 500-lb. capacity #938606LARGE, 32"W x 78"LEACH #960927LARGE, 39"W x 78"L 10/CASE Large: 700-lb. capacityBariatric: 1,000-lb. capacity#938607BARIATRIC, 46"W x 78"LEACH #960928BARIATRIC, 50"W x 78"L 5/CASEPPS Glide Single Patient Use: 1,200-lb. capacity #960929120V PUMPEACH #960929120V PUMPEACH MR-safeCalifornia residents, see inside.California residents, see inside.EASIER-TO-USE PUMP FORFLUID-PROOF FOR EASY FASTER INFLATION! DISINFECTION!Adjustable Surgical ThyroidFluid-Proof Arthroscopic Leg Holders Positioners with easier-to-use pumpfeature molded fluid-proof silicone pads thatcan be quickly inflated to securely supportare removable for easier cleaning. Easy-to-clean the neck, conforming to the patients shape.stainless steel components with hidden screws Welded edges offer full disinfection and areallows for full disinfection. Use on either leg.strong enough for use with larger patients. 161 2 "W x 81 2 "HAdjusts 9" horiz./10" vert.12"L stainless #960966THYROID POSITIONEREACH steel mounting post10.5 lbs.100-lb. capacity California residents, see inside. #937824ARTHROSCOPIC LEG HOLDEREACH California residents, see inside.THE ONLY HIGH LEVELEASY PNEUMATIC LIFTING,UP TODISINFECTABLE STRAP! NO PINCH HAZARDS!VeriClean O.R. Table Straps withKYRA Comfort StirrupsMid-PanelThe first surgical table strapinclude SECURE-LOK closurewith ultrasonically welded seamsno holes,straps for better infection control, punctures, or stitchingallowing for completecurved support rods with unique blade and repeated submersion in high-level centralUltrasonically welded seamsdesign to eliminate pinch hazards, and500-lb. capacity processing disinfectant and reducing the risk for better infection control 22 more ROM than traditional stirrupsmodel shownof cross-contamination. for unparalleled access.2"W thermoplastic urethane beltMid-panel: 5"W x 18"LCam-style metal buckle #960677350-LB CAPACITYEACH Not made with natural rubber latex3-year warranty #960675500-LB CAPACITYEACH#937065MEDIUM, 96"LEACH #937067LARGE, 120"LEACHCalifornia residents, see inside.#937066MEDIUM/LARGE, 108"L EACH #937068X-LARGE, 132"LEACH California residents, see inside.AliMed.com/surgical 844.448.0561 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'