b'AliMed Helping peoplehelp people Keep your O.R. runningHANDS-FREE HYPODERMICTHE ONLY FULLY SUBMERSIBLE, NEEDLE VIAL HOLDER! COMPLETELY DISINFECTABLE STRAP!Avoid puncturedVeriClean O.R. Table Straps fingers with Mid-PanelThe first surgicalUltrasonically welded table strap with ultrasonically welded seamsno punctures, no holes, noseams for better stitchingallowing for complete andinfection controlrepeated submersion in high-level central processing disinfectant and reducing the Mayo Clamp shown risk of cross-contamination.2"W thermoplastic urethane beltMid-panel: ACCU-DRAW Hands-free access to5"W x 18"LCam-style metal buckleNot multiple vials at once so nurses can keepmade with natural rubber latex3-year their hands out of the needle danger zone andwarrantyavoid needle sticks. Holds at the perfect angle for#937065MED., 96"L $340.75 eacomplete emptying, reducing medication waste. #937066MED./LG., 108"L$346.75 ea#931900MAYO CLAMP$156.00 ea #937067LG., 120"L$352.75 ea#931537IV POLE CLAMP$179.00 ea #937068XL, 132"L$358.75 eaCalifornia residents, see inside. California residents, see inside.FLUID-PROOF FOR EASY ADJUSTABLE SURGICALDISINFECTION!THYROID PILLOW!Fluid-Proof Arthroscopic Leg Holders Adjustable Surgical Thyroidfeature molded fluid-proof silicone pads thatPillows with adjustable inflationare removable for easier cleaning. Easy-to-clean securely hold the neck comfortably instainless steel components with hidden screws place. Fully welded edges offer fullallows for full disinfection. Use on either leg.disinfection and are strong enough for161 2 "W x 81 2 "HAdjusts 9" horiz./10" vert.12"L stainless use with larger patients.steel mounting post10.5 lbs.100-lb. capacity#937119$265.00 ea #937824$1,999.00 eaCalifornia residents, see inside. California residents, see inside.UP TOFEMALE PRONEEASY PNEUMATIC LIFTING, POSITIONER! NO PINCH HAZARDS!5"HKYRA Comfort Stirrups Female Proneinclude SECURE-LOK closurePositioners are uniquelystraps for better infection control, designed for women to relieve18"W 161/2"L curved support rods with unique blade500-lb. capacity pressure and provide comfortabledesign to eliminate pinch hazards, andmodel shownsupport when in prone. Seamless, vinyl-bondedProtecta-Coat covering is impervious to fluids 22 more ROM than traditional stirrups and embedded with antimicrobial protection. for unparalleled access.18"W x 161/2"L x 5"HRadiolucent above 60 kVp5 lbs.#960677350-LB CAPACITY$7,066.25 ea#960675500-LB CAPACITY$7,674.00 ea#960731$475.00 ea Relieves pressure in prone Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see inside. California residents, see inside.AliMed.com 800.225.2610 customerservice@AliMed.com'