Improve Posture and Independence

November 8, 2018
Sit Straight infographic

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How Sit-Straight works— Good support starts with a stable base

The combination of a Solid Seat Insert and Wedge Cushion creates an immediate, positive change in posture. The patient sits in a proper posture without the tendency to slide forward in his/her chair, allowing participation in self-feeding, self-care, and recreational activities. This cushion is also beneficial to caregivers, as it frees them from continually repositioning patients and using restraints to keep patients from falling out of wheelchairs.

The Solid Seat Insert's convex base design overcomes the problem of a sagging wheelchair sling seat. Most positioning or therapeutic cushions require a flat seat base for optimal function. If placed on a sagging sling seat, the cushion can buckle or tilt, ultimately negating the intended beneficial effects.

A traditional level sitting surface causes the pelvis to rest in a neutral or posterior pelvic tilt. After a short time, the user's buttocks slowly slide forward on the seat, resulting in sacral sitting. Sacral sitting puts excessive pressure on tissues that can lead to potential ulceration.

The Wedge Cushion's shape helps limit that forward sliding by keeping the hips positioned slightly lower than the knees promoting an anterior pelvic tilt and subsequent upright sitting posture.

Sit-Straight Cushions discourage harmful sacral sitting by filling the sag without requiring an additional seating device and without raising the height of the sitting surface while positioning the user in a proper posture.