Medway Easy Toilet Riser™

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Medway Easy Toilet Riser™
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  • Medway Easy Toilet Riser™
  • Medway Easy Toilet Riser™
Easy Toilet Riser #2970008819
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Product Highlights

  • 800-lb. capacity
  • Boosts toilet seats from the bottom
  • Stable, safe and sturdy

Product Details

More About This Product

Medway Easy Toilet Riser™An attractive alternative to traditional raised toilet seats. Raises toilet height by 4". Installs at toilet base, allowing user to continue using existing toilet seat. Safe and sturdy toilet base riser. No extra parts to clean. Permanent installation. Easy Toilet Riser comes complete with a one-piece molded PVC base, two 6"L closet bolts, 2 wax rings, 1 extended water pipe, 2 washers, 2 nuts, and complete installation instructions. 

Base: 11-1/2"W x 23-3/4"L x 4"H • 800-lb. capacity

The Medway Easy Toilet Riser - A Superior Alternative for Institutions

A cleaner, safer alternative to a traditional raised toilet seat

The traditional toilet riser seat has obvious flaws. The traditional toilet riser seat moves out from under your client, sometimes causing injury, sometimes a mess. Traditional toilet riser seats have parts that hurt users. The Medway Easy Toilet Riser requires less cleaning than these traditional raised toilet seats, reducing the risk of infection or disease. The Easy Toilet Riser also supports up to 800lbs, is more comfortable, and users can use their existing toilet seat.

A more dignified option

The Medway Easy Toilet Riser is less noticeable; clients will have less questions about their health issues that require the use of a riser seat and traditional toilet seat risers lengthen their time in the bathroom and make for a more miserable experience.

Reduced maintenance costs

Traditional toilet riser seats can cause damage toilet or bathroom furnishings. The Medway Easy Toilet Riser requires less cleaning and saves time for your staff and any storage needs for traditional toilet seat risers.

Easy to install

If you can replace a wax ring, you can install the Medway Easy Toilet Riser. All the hardware that’s required for installation is in the Easy Toilet Riser box.


Although the Easy Toilet Riser may be more expensive than a traditional toilet seat riser, there are no moving parts that can be lost or broken. You are also mitigating financial risks due to decreased likelihood of injury or accident and since the Medway Easy Toilet Riser has a much longer use life than traditional raised toilet seats, your costs will be less over the life of the products.

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