Dressing Aids

Limited reach, bending precautions, or limited dexterity can make it hard to dress and put on shoes. AliMed carries a wide variety of tools to increase dressing independence. These products include Sock and Stocking Aids, Shoehorns, Dressing Sticks, and Specialized Shoelaces.

Sock and Stocking Aids help people with limited reach put on socks or stockings. We offer these aids for one- or two-handed use and for several individual needs.

Shoehorns extend reach when bending is difficult or prohibited. Choose metal with vinyl handles for strength and durability, or plastic for fragile skin. Available with a straight end, or with a hook end to assist in grasping shoes.

Dressing Sticks are made for people whose ability to bend is limited. Multiple-hook models such as the Multi-Use™ Dressing Stick accommodate the various pushing/pulling requirements for dressing. Combination sticks like the Dress EZ™ combine shoehorn and dressing stick functions.
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  • Spyrolaces Spyrolaces
    • Perfect for those who lack the fine motor skills needed to tie shoelaces
    • Simply pull to the desired tension
    • Fits all shoes
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  • Stainless Steel Shoehorn Stainless Steel Shoehorn
    • No-slip vinyl handle with a 180° hooked end to assist grasp
    • Can also be used to drag shoes into position
    • Strong stainless steel
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  • Standard Hip Kit Standard Hip Kit
    • Conveniently provides the ADL items your patients will need after hip surgery, the items most often suggested by therapists
    • Six piece kit
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  • Stroke Dressing Kit Stroke Dressing Kit
    • Kit consists of: Ultralight Reacher, Shoe Horn and Dressing Stick, Elastic Shoe Laces and Sock Aid
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  • Stroke Kit Stroke Kit
    • Four simple items can make life easier after a stroke
    • Kit includes button-hook /zip pull closing aid, suction cup mount denture brush, elastic shoelaces and scooped dish
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  • The Top Notch The Top Notch
    • Inexpensive, flexible sock donner aid pull
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  • Travel Sock Aid Travel Sock Aid
    • Compact, light and durable
    • Extends for long socks and boots
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  • Wearease Wearease
    • Converts lace-up shoes to hook-and-loop fasteners
    • "D" Rings make opening and closing simple
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  • Zipper Pull Rings Zipper Pull Rings
    • Provides added zippering help for patients with arthritis or low hand dexterity
    • Zipper Ring slips through the zipper and can be easily removed after use
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