b'Safe Patient HandlingProblem:A bariatric or dependent patient needs to be transferred or repositioned in bed and traditional draw sheets or transfer devices require staff to use excessive pull force when moving, causing musculoskeletal injuries or engaging more staff to assist than is available.Solution:NEW!PPS Glide Single Patient UseAir-Assisted Lateral Transfer SystemInnovative air-assisted technology creates a cushion of air to help smoothly, comfortably, and safely lift and glide patients up to 1,200 lbs., drastically reducing overall pull force and the risk of staff injuries compared to traditional transfer devicesRequires only two caregivers to assist, reducing staffing needs while helping alleviate patient anxiety Use for multiple transfers and in-bed repositioning during a patient stayGlide: MR-safePump: MR-unsafe1-year warranty PPS GLIDE SINGLE PATIENT USE#960926REGULAR, 34"W x 78"L, 10/cs$899.99 cs#960927LARGE, 39"W x 78"L, 10/cs$899.99 cs#960928BARIATRIC, 50"W x 78"L, 5/cs$474.99 cs ACCESSORIES#960929120V PUMP$599.99 eaStorage Cart at AliMed.com.California residents, see left page.Similar to an air hockey table, hundreds of micro-perforations circulate low-pressure, high-Universal Pump withvolume air to reduce friction single inflation setting isand create a cushion of air for compatible with PPS Liftsmoother, safer patient transfersand both PPS Glide modelsOther Solutions: UP TOPPS Glide Reusable Air-AssistedLateral Transfer System All the features of the PPS Glide Single Patient Use in a convenient, reusable modelMachine-washableMRI-compatible1-year limited warrantyRegular: 500-lb. capacityLarge: 700-lb. capacityBariatric: 1,000-lb. capacity#938605REGULAR, 28"W x 78"L $1,638.03 ea#938606LARGE, 32"W x 78"L$1,748.83 ea#938607BARIATRIC, 46"W x 78"L$1,865.50 eaIdeal for in-bed positioning The Glide can be leftProtective Sheets and Storage Cart at AliMed.com. under the patient for the duration of their stay for useCalifornia residents, see left page. Pump sold separately,as a repositioning aid for boosting, turning, or proningsee ordering details above866.916.2248AliMed. com /solutions \\ 9'