b'Safe Patient HandlingProblem:Traditional woven gait belts with stitching and seams can harbor hidden pathogens and be difficult to clean, increasing the danger of spreading harmful bacteria and viruses from patient to patient. Solution:AliMed ReusableInfection Control Gait BeltsAliMed Soft Wipeable Gait BeltsAntimicrobial-treated plastic strap with fully welded,Easy to wipeEasy-releaseclean with fully seamless edges leaves nowhere for bacteria to hidewelded edges clip-style plastic and can be easily wiped cleaned with any commonbuckle for easy spray disinfectant between patients, reducing thecleaning and risk of cross-contamination security Soft, flexible, and smooth material is easier and more comfortable to grip for safer patient transfersHigh SafetyYellow Orange Blue Easy and comfortable to grip Visibility with soft, flexible material54"L70"L COLOR EAPRICE20/CSPRICEEAPRICE20/CSPRICEHIGH VISIBILITY#713877$38.75 ea#71387720$694.75 cs ($34.74 ea)#713878$45.00 ea#71387820$808.00 cs ($40.40 ea)SAFETY YELLOW#713879$28.25 ea#71387920$505.75 cs ($25.29 ea)#713880$35.50 ea#71388020$581.25 cs ($29.06 ea)ORANGE#713875$28.25 ea#71387520$505.75 cs ($25.29 ea)#713876$32.50 ea#71387620$581.25 cs ($29.06 ea)BLUE#713881$28.25 ea#71388120$505.75 cs ($25.29 ea)#713882$32.50 ea#71388220$581.25 cs ($29.06 ea)California residents, see left page.AliMed Bariatric Wipeable Gait Belts AliMed Antimicrobial-Treated Gait BeltsSmooth plastic strap with fully welded, seamless edges and plastic buckle can be All the security of a traditional style gait belt with the added benefit of quickly and easily wiped clean with any spray disinfectant between patients, keepingbacteria-fighting silver particles embedded in the fabric to decrease the belts accessible while reducing cross-contamination risks spread of infection96"LSeat-belt style plastic buckleMade in the USA Metal buckleWash repeatedly without losing efficacy Extra long for 96"L larger patients#711779EA$36.75 eaLEAPRICE20/CSPRICE#7117792020/cs$614.87 cs ($30.74 ea) 54"#70257$20.75 ea#7025720$254.00 cs ($12.70 ea) Silver ions resist and inhibit the growth California residents, see left page. 70"#70256$22.75 ea#70260 $265.70 cs ($13.29 ea) and rapid replication California residents, see left page. of infection-, stain-, and odor-causing microorganisms, keeping surfaces cleaner, longerMore online about Gait Belt safetyWatch the videoRead our blogShop disposable solutions AliMed.com/safety-belts AliMed.com/cleaner-transfers AliMed.com/gait-belts866.916.2248AliMed. com/ solutions \\ 7'