b"Table ofContentsFor over 50 years, AliMed has been at the forefront of providing innovative yet practical solutions to the common problems staff experience everyday with long-term care residents.Problem: AliMed Solutions:Traditional wheelchair cushions used on sagging seats can buckle or tilt, causing forward sliding or slouching. Sit-Straight Cushions p. 14The surface of a traditional wheelchair cushion remains static as a patient slides forward from fatigue or weakness. T-Gel Cushions p. 15Patients with severe hand contractures experience intense pain when hand is pried open. Therapy Carrotp. 16Muscle weakness or imbalance caused by stroke or upper body injury leads to painful subluxation or contracture. Hemi-Shoulder Slingsp. 17Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients commonly struggle with self-feeding when using traditional dinnerware. Assistive Dining Aids p. 18Patients with limited mobility, dexterity, reach, or pain post-op or from chronic conditions often cannot manage simple daily tasks.ADL Kits p. 20Patients with respiratory muscle weakness may experience decreased breathing, swallowing, coughing, or lung function. THE BREATHERp. 21Visitors, patients, and staff in public, exam, isolation, or other areas of a facility do not have easy access to PPE. Infection Prevention Stations p. 22Bedridden patients are unable to lift themselves or roll over for bed pan placement or have difficulty fitting on smaller models. Bariatric Bed Pans Back coverLong-term care solutions for any patient needSee our Interactive Room on p. 23866.916.2248AliMed .com /solutions \\ 3"