b'Assistive Dining AidsSolution: EatingAliMed Assistive Plates and Utensils Versatile Dycem Matting and Pads secure dinnerware, cups, and more toAssistive plates and adaptive utensils reduce the challenges of eating, helping to improveany surface (sold separately, below) overall food intake and nutritional health while promoting a more comfortable, independent dining experienceA. Compartments keepB. Inner lip keeps food food separated contained to prevent spillsHigh sides C. assist withD.sliding foodOversized, textured onto utensils handle gripsBendable Fork and High-contrast red colorSpoons aid with makes food more visible limited grip or ROMAliMed Assistive Dining Plates 3 -Compartment Divided Plates conveniently keepA.3-COMPARTMENT DIVIDED PLATE AliMed Grip Utensilsfoods separated while Inner Lip Plates keep food#83187WHITE$11.75 ea Easy to grip with comfortable, oversized, textured contained and help prevent spills B.INNER LIP PLATEhandles that are bendable to accommodate patients High-Sided Scoop Dishes and Hi-Sided Plateswith limited grip or decreased range of motionassist in sliding food onto utensils for patients who#83188WHITE$11.75 eahave decreased motor skills or use of only one hand C.HIGH-SIDED SCOOP DISH Stainless steelDishwasher-safeBlack Red styles offer high contrast and greater visual#83189WHITE$11.75 ea#83012TEASPOON$17.50 eaattention to food #83013SOUP SPOON$17.50 ea D.HI-SIDED PLATE, 3/PK #83010*KNIFE$17.50 eaPolycarbonateNonslip bottomFreezer-, microwave-,#88923WHITE$24.25 pk ($8.08 ea) #83011FORK$17.50 eadishwasher-safe3-Compartment/Inner Lip: 1 13 "H sides x#83163RED$24.25 pk ($8.08 ea) #81424SET OF FOUR$41.00 set8 34 " diam.High-Sided Scoop: 1 13 "-2"H sides x 8 34 " diam.Hi-Sided Plate: 1 34 "H sides x 7 34 " diam.; 1/2"-thick outer lip Case quantities and Lids at AliMed.com. *Knife is not bendable.Case quantities at AliMed.com. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. STANDARD-BACK DYCEMSTANDARD-BACK DYCEM CONT\'D ROLL MATTINGROUND PAD More online about#827316"W x 6\'6"L $107.00 rl #828671 2 " diam$20.00 ea1 Dining Aids#827416"W x 10\'L$290.00 rl #82778 2 " diam$27.25 ea#82768"W x 6\'6"L $70.50 rl #827910" diam$28.25 ea#823688"W x 10\'L$168.00 rlADHESIVE-BACK DYCEM Read our blogRECTANGULAR PAD#8281MATTING, 16"W x 3\'L$82.75 eaAliMed.com/dining-aid-blog #827810"W x 14"L$38.75 ea #8282STRIPS, 11 8 "W x 16"L, 3/pk$20.00 pkBottle Openers are ideal for#831671 4 "W x 10"L$24.25 ea California residents, see left page. Shop more solutions those with limited graspCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com/dining-aids(AliMed.com)866.916.2248AliMed.com/solutions \\ 19'