b'Contracture ManagementProblem:Muscle weakness or imbalance caused by stroke or upper body injury leads to painful subluxation, contracture, or poor joint alignment.Shoulder saddle acts as an anchor pointscapula bears the arm weight Three adjustable fixation straps allow for correction of muscle imbalance and internal orexternal rotation as neededGusseted inside panel adjusts to fluctuations in edema and aids with donning/doffingSolution:AliMed Hemi-Shoulder SlingsUnique shoulder saddle transfers arm weight to theBiceps-triceps scapula, reducing painful subluxation of the shoulderbelly-band locks and humeral joint while maintaining full ROM andcuff in place for preventing potential contracture securitySaddle: High-density polyethylene and Plastazote foam Cuff: Polyester foam laminated to hook-receptive polyester fabricAdjustable hook-and-loop strapsWear over or under clothingMade in the USASizing: Measure arm circumference at widest point of biceps. Round up if between sizes. SIZECIRC.LEFTRIGHTXS9"#51-051#51-050S11"#51-053#51-052M13"#51-055#51-054L15"#51-057#51-056$78.50 ea$78.50 eaPatent #5,403,268 California residents, see left page.Other Solutions: Multiple connection points allow for continuous extension or flexionShop more styles andoptions online at AliMed.com AliMed Turnbuckle Elbow Orthoses T urnbuckle adjusts the angle of the splint for elbow extension or flexion, helping to maintain AliMed Turnbucklegains in ROM by applying tension in opposition to Wrist Orthoses contracture forceReduces wrist flexionRigid Kydex splint shellTwo-piece, hand-washable contractures T-Foam padded linerAdjusts from 110 flexion to fullFour padded straps #52395 extensionHeat-adjustableFits left or right arm ensure excellentMade in the USA force distributionSizing: Measure circumference at belly of forearmAliMed Turnbuckleand biceps.SIZELENGTHFOREARMBICEPSAnkle Orthoses #52396$199.25 ea 1 Triangular-shaped grip Adjusts for inversion/eversionMust be used under a physicians supervision. A11 14 "8"-10"9"-11" for easier adjustmentB14 2 "8"-10"9"-11"and flexion/extension Specify size. See chart at right.1 1 1California residents, see left page. BB14 2 "10"-12 2 "11"-13 2 "#66426 C161 4 "10"-121 2 "11"-131 2 "D163 4 "121 2 "-15"131 2 "-16"866.916.2248AliMed.com/solutions \\ 17'